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FM4’s soundpark is celebrating its 10 year annniversary; the studio2 session round 20. and we are invited for the party!

i dont know if clemens (cool kid & curator of the studio 2 sessions) knows how much the session means – at least to me. after i started fettkakao, and ilias seayou with Go Die Big City a little bit later – it was one of the first things we did all together – with almost everyone involved who released records on either the one or the other label. early 2006 Go Die Big City shared an evening at the studio2 with Luise Pop – and there we were: matthias of A Thousand Fuegos, anna of Paper Bird, anna and rudi as the core of GDBC, ilias of Vortex Rex, me the fettkakao and stefanie. something has happened there. people have heard of us, and i think we learned about ourselves a little bit too.

one year later, 2007, A Thousand Fuegos was playing the studio 2 session (with a reduced, similar line up as GDBC –> video), 2010 Lonely Drifter Karen.

the special thing about this years FM4 soundpark studio2 session is -that there will be three sets of people/artist/ “collectives” that have been part of the soundpark sessions and/ or represent scenes where a lot of different people are involved. invited are the really cool SK Invitational from linz – who represent as a big band the well known hip hop scene not only of that city – and patrick pulsinger – an austrian all star – who was never limited to any scene or sound (patrick produced the Brooke’s Bedroom 12″ for fettkakao btw).

seayou and fettkakao was asked to present the little scene we are involved with – and to bring up some projects – which we are indeed used to, where some are helping others out – and /or create art together.

of course i dont want to spoil everything here – but it will be a rather interesting set inkluding Vortex Rex, die Eternias, 8 Hours Manatee, A Thousand Fuegos, Mile Me Deaf & the Maximum Miracle Center (huhu w/ Sex Jams members!).

all of that will be broadcasted live from 7pm on tomorrow (oktober 26th,2011) on Radio FM4, and there will even be a video stream!

if you happen to understand the german language – you can read some here and here.

oh. and i visited the bands while rehersing today… and took some pictures.


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