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For Christmas, and a little bit after (New Years Eve), i have a very special offer you: all Compact Discs ever released on Fettkakao now for €15.
This also includes the very rare Fettkakao Sampler 2011, only a few are left.

here is the the list of the 11 Compact Discs:
fett001 Vortex Rex – Short Attention Span
fett002 Lonely Drifter Karen – Sinsweetime
fett004 Seven Sioux – Argue Again
fett005 Vortex Rex – Powermess
fett006 Spoenk – Hard To Mend
fett007 Seven Sioux – We Are Not The Scared People
fet008 A Thousand Fuegos –Like Big Black Clouds Through Burning Eyes
fett021 Stefanie Sourial – Amsterdam
fett022 Fettkakao – Sampler 2011
fett028 Plaided – Playdate
fett035 Fettkakao – Sampler 2014

15 € + Postage (3,60 Europe, 6,30 World).
please write me an email if interested!



People tend to ask me why i started fettkakao and if i was playing in any bands. i always thought this was the initial reason to start a label: putting out your own records, something i myself did not do.
and even though – within the process of getting things done with my friends – i ended up playing instruments live and sometimes helping out on records;  but it wasnt until i got to know Ilsebill and Veronika – and some years later that i would just sit and bang on the drums during a Plaided rehearsal to become a part of the writing process. these projects lived from appropriation, trying things out with your friends, no matter what others claimed.

(photo by Christian Pausch, FM4)

in december 2013 i had the idea to start a band – with people i hung out at that time and thought are great: i asked Panini, whom i have seen in Aivery and played together with in Tirana, i asked Nicoletta who hung out a lot with us (and created the 2nd – now current homepage) and Veronika – with whom i have been to many places and involved with in just as many projects and situations.

Lime Crush: dedicated to punk, switcherous, and whatever we make it to be.

within 2014, we have been playing many wonderful places (without even a record out) and met a lot of interesting people. this is, given the work we put into it, rather liberating. and a proof that you can just do it.

the cover is a picture of an oil painting by Heti Prack, if you wondered. i know: a beauty.

we have recorded in the fall of 2014 with Chris Janka, and are now presenting a 3 song e.p. the release shows – yes two – take place at the Academy of Fine Arts (Atelier 219) january 22nd and at the Rhiz at Nil Desperandum febuary 6th; both in Vienna.

you can listen to the e.p, via Bandcamp and order the 7″ from the fettkakao page, already. find Lime Crush on tumblr & facebook,

and here’s the official commercial made by Nick Prokesch, featuring Denice Bourbon!

(c) andi dvořák

kiddo- i havent been writing here since the A Thousand Fuegos digital release in August. i was busy with presenting output by my friends now and i am not sure if you have heard of the releases yet. at the end of a year i am trying to think and look back, even though i feel like it has been only a couple of month.

today’s the annual tweety party in Graz. and among the countless bands that are performing are my friends Goldsoundz, who have released a 7″ on fettkakao 11 days ago. it is called The New Ones? / National Eagles (fett034) and consists of 3 songs.

on the cover: ex-and cofounding member Karli:

Marti was chasing his friends around in Vienna and Graz – yet even on the country side. always with a camera in his hands – the video to the song The New Ones? was made.


____Crazy Bitch In A Cave_______ Rear – View Mirror_______ (fett033)____

earlier this year, in November, Crazy Bitch In A Cave had his very first fettkakao release out. finally. CBC has a tradition with fettkakao: he was producing the Albino Rabbits 7″ by Brooke’s Bedroom, did a BB cover for the Fettkakao Sampler 2011, was with us on the trip to Košice in 2010, and performing at this years fettkakao homepage launch party as well as at the labelshowcase at Röda in Steyr.

Crazy Bitch In A Cave has a very nice homelabel though: Comfortzone. it is run by the fabulous Christina Nemec who has released a 12″ e.p. (on top – sooo good!) – and an album.

so for the little excursion to fettkakao we did a 7″ –> Rear-View Mirror – with run of 200 copies. a few came in white vinyl even (still have a few lying around – let me know if you want one).

Nick also did an amazing commercial for the album. it is all eyes, make-up and a rear-view mirror:

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-30 um 15.39.35


2013 was a good, a very good year even.

i am going backwards. before the Crazy Bitch In A Cave release – i had this exhibition in Oktober at the Schikaneder in Vienna, where i showed my (watercolour) flyers for the first time outside the digital world. also this fall: the label had two wonderfull showcases – one at the Bach in Vienna in November and one at the Röda in Steyr in September. i love having showcases.

at the beginning of September  the homepage finally got a new face after 8 years. thank you so much nici ( ❤ ) in case you havent seen it yet: clickie!

in August we finally did the digital release of the selftiteled  A Thousand Fuegos LP (fett010).

Plaided had their last travels and shows in summer as well. a nice good bye with a loong drive to Switzerland and the Poolbar festival. a hello to the Café Else in Vienna, where Plaided did their last show for the opening of that wonderfull bar. i have really good memories of Plaided – performing at the Donauinselfest, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Sommerfest and Popfest in vienna that summer as well. oh i miss that constilation so much.

and what a year it had been for Tirana. a 7″ called Talea (fett031) came out – named after the La Banda movie – where Veronika wrote most of the soundtrack. i have good memories of shows after screenings and premieres of the film in theaters; and the first screening of Talea at Kino Unter Sternen in Vienna. what a wonderfull summer.

the only Longplayer this year that came out was the album What, Colour? (fett032) by Just Friends and Lovers. a little beauty that counts 13 (!) songs. the only trip i had with JFaL this year was to Krakow in June (i wish i was with them on the east european tour they did in Oktober w/Robotra).  the other times i had seen them was in Vienna and Graz (do i remember it well? was the Lendwirbel showcase Fettkakao shared with Numavi records their release show as well?!) (but that was a hell of a weekend!).

Just Friends and Lovers, Turbo and part time host Marti in Krakow.

and then the year 2013 ends (or begins) with the exciting, 2nd Plaided trip tp the US – with shows in Boston and NYC (w/ Japanter) and a very hot spring in Austin, TX at the SXSW festival in March (wordpress entry on thaaat), and before that a really nice fly-over to the Damnably showcase in London in Febuary.

i hope 2014 will bring as much excursions, releases and parties as in 2013. it has a good start though – with a little travel to Groningens Eurosonic – where Tirana will perform, and a 7″ by Just Friends and Lovers in Febuary…

a happy new year to you folks – and i try to keep up with the talk here – on the wordpress blah-blog.


releases 2013:

fett031 Tirana – Talea 7″ /DI (2013)
fett032 Just Friends and Lovers – What, Colour? LP /DI (2013)
fett033 Crazy Bitch In A Cave – Rear-View Mirror 7″ /DI (2013)
fett034 Goldsoundz – The New Ones? / National Eagles 7″ /DI (2013)

fett010 A Thousand Fueogs – A Thousand Fuegos DIGITAL (2008 LP/ 2013 Digital)

i just watched Dave Grohls key note speech at this years SXSW. and no i didnt see it live when i was in Austin, TX w/ Plaided. i didnt expect liking it as i started watching (well i was curious – since Melanie was suggesting it) – but i really enjoyed, yet was surprisingly moved by listening to Dave Grohls speech. i came to realize that most things in my life, bands, labels, art, scenes and people i like – even my mindset – are all things in Grohls story i came to love, moved or changed me. and yes. without the link to Nirvana in the first place. i am a punk kid, and i will always explore things in a punk way.

i was lucky enough again that Plaided asked me to play bass on their little trip to NYC and Austin, TX – joining them on their adventure. the Band was invited to play this years SXSW, as our friend George from british label Damnably was suggesting the Band to SXSW people.

we headed to Brooklyn, NY to meet our friends and great supporters Japanther. Matt and his lovely room mates let us stay in their incredible appartement; where we were allowed to sleep in their self build mini ramp! unfortunatelly Veronika was sick the first few days; but as soon as Julia was arriving to New York (she could only leave Vienna a few days after us three) Veronika was getting better – and we were able to make the trip w/ Japanther to a house show in Boston. Japanther know how much we love doing house shows, something rather rare in europe.

the show was organized by Ben of BUFU records and his friends. there were a bunch of bands doing 20 minute sets, who were all great. i remember one band was called Queef. they all did this fun punk thing, big party and good sounds. we had fun. Japanther after us was mind blowing. people were falling into Ian’s drum kit during the set. wild.

(ouside BUFU house, picture taken by lovely Shawn)

we got a ride back to NYC the same night and Matt dropped us off at our new place we stayed at for the rest of our New York days/ nights: in Manhattan – at our friends place from Vienna – great artist Catharina Freuis. thank you for sharing your amazing view / experience on the 20th floor with us Catharina. ❤

for our last day in NYC – Plaided where invited to play in front of the mini ramp we were first sleeping in: it was a house show in Brooklyn now, with great bands such as the Puppies, Ken South Rock and Japanther performing. with people skating that thing while bands were playing. just like in a movie or in a good cartoon. the party was called Rasta Pasta – where Ian and Lupita were cooking three coloured Pasta for everyone. i still cant believe how nice we were treated by everyone: our hosts, charlie the cat and most of all Japanther.

(picture taken by Walter Wlodarczyk)

the very next day we left Catharina and beautifull New York for South By Southwest in Austin, TX. we knew it would get pretty crazy there – and have been really lucky that Marlene – a friend of a friend in the first place – let us stay at her and Arnold’s house. she was picking us up from the airport and helping us the next couple of days finding our way into the ctiy and places we wanted to go to.

before doing a show we were lurking around in Austin. getting our wristbands, organizing a storage room (thank you Ulf) four our equipment, to be prepared for spontanoius performances. inspiried by our freshly made friends in NY – Unstoppable Death Machines, who gave us flyers at the the Chelsea Light Moving show – we immidatly sat down drawing a flyer and photocopying it. now we could tell people when and where our shows take place.

we are all born naked and the rest is drag

we went to see a bunch of shows before our first show at the Girls Rock Camp Austin SXSW party at Cherrywood Coffehouse (which offers the best peanut butter / banana / soymilk smoothie i’ve ever had!). that place was rad. and kido. Austin’s a hot place. the GRC showcase took place in the afternoon so we had to play hide and seek w/ the sun. at the GRC we were meeting another friend of close friends: Sookee from Berlin. her set was great – im happy we got to meet.

our official showcase on 6th street in a bar called BD Rileys was scheduled for midnight, and we got help again from nice friends of friends who became friends. thats the best part. new friends. we got a ride w/ a pick up truck to very busy downtown then leaving our stuff at BD Rileys – just to movie on to Iggy and The Stooges. we were sitting outside the club on the pavement, enjoying Iggy’s songs. everyone in a rush but we had the time of our lives sitting there.

the show at BD Rileys – Plaideds official showcase – was a big chunk of sound; which i really enjoyed. to me it seemed that all you had to do at SXSW was play as loud as possible to give people the right feling outside on 6th street – deliver yr part of the big drowning mashup this city is asking for.

we had tons of time to go lurk around and watch dozens of great bands (Talk Normal, Shannon and the Clams, The Coathangers…) the next days, getting to know nice people (hey Brandy!); running into friends on the street who tell you where they are playing next (Pharmacy) and find out that a band like Love As Laughter are a) still around and b) playing just where you stopped by.

our last perfomance took place at cheer up charlies. one of the best venues at SXSW. it was a queer festival, and Plaided was sandwiched between Guantanamo Baywatch and Vacation Eyes, the new band of Jenny Hoyston of Erase Errata. whoo hoo!

we had two more days after our last show at SXSW – but we spent it wisely in (AC’d) record & thrift stores, comic shops and at Barton Springs. now we are cooling of in Vienna; the 35° + we had feels like a dream to me as i am faced w/ ice and snow in vienna again…

__ ___ ___ ____ ___

thank you all for taking good care of us.

dates Plaided played:
March 08th 2013, Boston, MA @ BUFU House Party w/ Queef, Japanther
March 10th 2013, Brooklyn, NY @ Rasta Pasta w/ the Puppies, Ken South Rock, Japanther
March 13th 2013, Austin, TX, @ Girls Rock Camp Austin, SXSW
March 13th 2013. Austin, TX @ BD Rileys, SXSW
March 16th 2013, Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlies


huha! this was meant to get out to you earlier. but kids, it is also nice trying to remember things, and colour them 2 months later.

the Plaided / Just Friends and Lovers tour took place from November 23rd to November 30, 2012.

November 23rd, Wels Youki (Alter Schlachthof)

do you remember? the last thing told? it was about Matthias and me doing prices at the Youki 14. Plaided,the Jafalos and me met November 23rd in Wels at the Youki. Veronika still ill, me exhausted from recreating the prices the night before, and Just Friends and Lovers finding themselves on a soup diet. Plaided had to rehearse with me before the show, which meant no soundcheck for Dust Covered Carpet and Just Friends and Lovers. a very stressfull start, indeed.

(Just Friends and Lovers, photo by Michael Straub)

JFaL looked so good on stage, i couldnt believe it  and the set we did with Plaided was a sucess in the end as well. Turbo / Wilhelm Show Me the Major Label and me did some disc jockeing after the shows were done, which was cool until my headache became unbearable (i had to leave the wonderfull schlachthof quite early…)

November 24th, 2012, Kapu Linz

very ironic: there was a Fettkakao labelshowcase in Linz the next day, but without me – since i had to be at the Youki for the last day when the prices were hand over to the winners of the international youth film festival (which was wonderful). Plaided did their set as a three piece that evening (Clemens was w/ us for doing feedback!) both bands claimed that they had a great time. the gang was overwhelmed by the kindness of the soundperson and the other nice people at the kapu.

November 26h, 2012, Schokoladen, Berlin

the travelparty (consisting of Just Friends and Lovers, Turbo and Plaided) picked me up in Wels. it felt good to be picked up high noon on a sunday for a – as it turned out – easy ride to Berlin with the best destination for the evening ever: to go to that unpronouncable vegan pizza place. i stressed the gang by getting there in time – it was my only wish for Berlin (the last time i was there w/ Mile Me Deaf and A Thousand Fuegos – the pizzeria was closed). we made it. and in the end every one was thankful for my behaviour: being super satisfied with the big selections of pizza avalable there.

Berlin was nice. our host and fettkakao friend in law – Flo  – took good care of us (at least the Plaideds). here: hanging out at Karstadt again – Clemens, Veronika, Julia and Flo.

La Moustache and M:Soundtrack were setting up the show on Monday. i enjoyed myself a lot on stage and everywhere else that evening. Berlin feels like home, i have to admit, even though i am always bitchin’ about that city.

here, on the day leaving to Bremen: Lena, Vero and Lina waiting for the others and posing for me.

(Vero knitting that great hat…)

November 28th, Bunker, Bremen.

we didnt see much of Bremen. the car drive was longer than expected. but i remember as we drived into the city that Bremen has a lot of beautiful buildings (and streetcars) (you know, i love streetcars). the show took place at the Bunker . which really is a bunker from the 2nd worldwar, that has a house on top built on it in a caravan shape. we were sleeping at the very top of it which looked like a half pipe from the inside. weird. i liked beeing there. wherever we landed on that tour, the shows made sense. it was like sharing your best goods with people who understand and want that share. Bremen was really nice.

November 29th, Waggon Im Kulturkreis, Offenbach

again a longer drive than expected to Offenbach. we were landing in that city close to Frankfurt (i love driving by its skyline) finding ourselves in a very small venue – which is next to the Main in a rail car! Just Friends and Lovers have been there (as well as at the bunker) before, telling us how special that place is. and indeed, it was. i can only hope to get there again in summer; i believe hanging out there in the summer warmth must be dreamy.

faces in front of the Waggon the next day. but i dont remember what the code for hitting your own head was..

November 30, Denmal, Salzburg

after hitting our heads we drove back to austria. Vero of JFaL finished the hat on the way to Salzburg (we are still planning to put some in the shop in the near future). also on the way home: drawing different things or people. here. a drawing i did of Lina.

who is scribbeling parts of this into the guestbook of the van:

in Salzburg, the last day of the tour, we were waiting, eating pizza and playing. i was sad that it had to end. i tell you. i loved touring with the gang.

so that is why here’s another picture of Plaided/ Just Friends and Lovers on the Denkmal Couch.


thank you all for letting us stay in a hotel, on your or your friends couches and beds; thank you to Lina’s parents for letting uns stay at their big house with their sweet cat and the good food served to us. we drove 2435 km in approx 24hours (pure traveltime). it was a pleasure and success.

tour dates:

2012-11-23 AUT – Wels, Alter Schlachthof, Youki
2012-11-24 AUT– Linz, Kapu, Fettkakao Label Night
2012-11-26 GER – Berlin, Schokoladen, M:Soundtrack & La Moustache
2012-11-28 GER – Bremen, Bunker
2012-11-29 GER – Offenbach, Waggon im Kulturkreis
2012-11-30 AUT – Salzburg, Denkmal



i am always running late with telling stories. in fact i became a rather bad story teller.

team fettkakao was invited over to the youki film festival again. we felt honoured as the youkis asked us to create the prices for this years winning people / film teams at the festival. team fettkakao: that was only matthias (A Thousand Fuegos) and me this time; with the idea to make hands out of fimo. we enjoyed ourselves with old and new friends kneding stuff with us, as you can see.

one of the prices:

what i did not tell you was that we were good in finding ideas and were also fast in working out how to make hands. which turned out to be helpfull in the end, since we ruined everything on the last day – not looking after our little sculptures in oven: the hands got burned.

but watch it yourselves.

(video made by the youki mediagroup)

but as i tried to say it before. we were trained enough to recreate the prices, to be given away as intended. and i still had enough time to prepare for the next evening for the show with Plaided, and the DJ set together with Turbo from Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label at the Youki Nightline.

here are some more pictures

wah. and i heard these bags sold out at the youki already. but i almost forgot that i did this drawing before the youki – for some of the bags they planned doing… and was surprised when i saw school kids walking around with them in Wels.

we (team fettkakao, most of my friends and me) love the youki so much. thank you for having had us this year again.

it seems i never tell enough stories of our little trips. at least i dont write about them. last time we were trippin to the poolbar with mile me deaf… which became a hilarious party… i didnt take many pictures, except for this one on our way to the other end of austria, somewhere in between in tyrol at a gasstation.

then someone from the poolbar took this one (yeah thats me in the back, hihi):

and at the very end, 7 in the morning, i tried to document the trip to our hostel.

not to be seen on this picture is our friend matthias, a thousand fuegos headhoncho. he came by train to hang out and party with us – matthias even played a song with mile me deaf that evening. the poolbar is the best place for a party like we had (…) thank you philipp for having made this possible.

___ ___ _____ ____ _____ ___ __ _____ __ _______    ______________ _ __ _______

we really missed matthias last weekend at the pmk in innsbruck – when sex jams played a show with plaided – all under the moniker of a fettkakao label night. it was matthias’ birthday, so we took some gang pictures as a present. this is one of the nicer ones. and a good start for a nice evening.

i did not take pictures (again) of the great sets both bands did – nor do i have some from the party that happen later on.

after a little sleep depriviation (i get used to share sleeping places w/ the jamz) we had a great breakfast with our friend beate who did the show at the pmk. thank you beate!

then we had to split. sex jams went to esslingen to play the komma fest, and i drove with plaided to the fluff fest, to meet our czech friends from the am180 collective. hello tomas (and me again with bad looking hair…)

hanging out in the rokycany airfield. julja took this one. hello (other) tomas. hehe.

plaided shared the tent set with the great tempelhof and jef barbara (picture).

the next ones a good one (the other) tomas took. it captures the feeling i had during their set. plaided fit so well to the fluff fest…and even though their snare broke during the set it was one of the most energetic shows i have seen so far.

thanks to jakub and stepan for the invitation!

with only a little sleep, lots of kilometers, and a stressy moment  (i drove into the mudd with my VW polo – and couldnt move the car until we asked a nice family to help us to pull out the car) – this was a very exciting and spurring experience. thanks to everyone involved.. and. it felt good to meet so many old and new friends… piep.

this took place almost a year ago. i think it was at the end of august. i just came back from visiting my family at the balaton, in hungary – going straight to the art supply store in vienna to get the right colors for the backround with veronika. i had no idea which color we are looking for. it all came out of veronika’s head during a dream. (..transfered into mine to draw the skate shoe).

the original drawing of the ice skate. letter stamped (i got the stamps from my friend iris. she got me those during her creative art months in italy).

i dont remember well, but i think we started printing the next day. this is always the best part of getting the covers together.

veronika and julja with the screen. which was – as always – enlightened by matthias (a thousand fuegos).

lots of prints waiting to dry. that is why we do that in summer. 

and while laying there on the ground, drying – my favorite neighbor – sissiboy himself came over for coffee and message-checking on his phone.


aha. even shirts were printed with that screen… tss tss.

cant wait for printing session part II. because we gave up way too early on that hot august summer day to go swimming in the danube…

listen to it is over toni from that very record.

(Plaided – People Lying Around In Dirt Everyday 7″, fett019)

when i did the 5 year fest last september – Rainer Krispel asked me if there would be a compilation along to the fest. no there wasn’t one. and with a reason: i did not want to try to capture something that seemed so alive to me – alive like the fest was. 10 days w/ exhibitions + shows at different places in vienna, so many acts… so many nice people coming and sharing. i thought i had documented a lot of  the music anyways –  with all the 7″e.p.’s, LPs and CDs released.

some months later the idea of doing a compilation made sense though. not for a jubilee, not for showing what this label has put out so far – but the people around me, with their great ideas.

everyone contributed songs never released before (or at least not in these versions). most recorded exclusively for this piece of mini plastic. i loved how Paper Bird and Crazy Bitch In A Cave came up with the idea to cover their partners or boss song (both on the label) – or TIRANA completing a song for the compilation, Vortex Rex doing it last minute, Sex Jams going different directions for it etc.

i am really thankful to all artistes involved. for making it such a great record.

here’s what it looks like. my old friend Lisa Max did it in Perth Australia, where the summer comes to its end finally.

art by Lisa Max


the list of acts and songs:

01) Plaided – Let Go
02) Stefanie Sourial – Hide & Seek
03) Karin Depp – Plateau
04) A Thousand Fuegos – Coma Toes
05) 8 Hours Manatee VS Das Fieber – New Year’s Gift
06) Crazy Bitch In A Cave – Forever
07) Paper Bird – Escape Plans
08) Brooke’s Bedroom – Somewhere
09) Mile Me Deaf – Call Us Rats
10) TIRANA – Red Hills
11) Vortex Rex – Freeway Girl
12) Sex Jams – Gone Chillin’
13) Räuberhöhle – I’m Not Part Of The Shit
14) Gurlfriends -Treehuggers
15) Andreas Erstling – Autolied


the CD will be available from april 28th on; we will be celebrating its release at the follwing places:

May 6th & 7th, 2011 @ Lend Wirbel, Graz w/ Mile Me Deaf, Gurlfriends, Plaided, Vortex Rex

May 12th, 2011 @ Sckokoladen, Berlin  w/ Stefanie Sourial, A Thousand Fuegos, Sex Jams, Plaided

May 14th, 2011 @ Final Club, Praha w/ Stefanie Sourial, A Thousand Fuegos, Sex Jams, Plaided

May 21st, 2011 @ Rhiz, Wien w/ a special line up – to be announced!



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