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it was in a rush – that Veronika recorded a song of hers with Cordula Thym at the Rosa Lila Villa in 2011. just some weeks before we released the Fettkakao Sampler 2011. i remember having dropped by and there was my bass lying around; all kinds of people standing there – and me curious of what Veronika is coming up with now.

(Cordula Thym with Veronika and Armin Lorenz after Red Hills was recorded)

it took some more days to give her new project a name. “let’s just call it Tirana”, Veronika suggested – and i thought this was a brilliant idea. beside the magic that the capitol of Albania has, it reminded me of the Teenbeat way of naming projects – like  Air Miami or Tel Aviv.

the reaction towards the compilation was immense – and some people asked themselves who the person is – doing that Red Hills song under the moniker Tirana. it was like a secret unintentionally – as we were more concerned about Plaided : the band was preparing to record their album Playdate and doing a lot of shows at that time.

i met Katharina Mückstein in a streetcar last summer. Katharina is running a Film company called Labanda Film – and they where about to start shooting their fim Talea. after asking how i did with fettkakao she suggested that we should cooperate some day soon. that day came by earlier than expected. after having heard the Tirana song – she found Veronika’s Music perfectly fitting. so did i when i saw the first sequences from the movie. Red Hills was taken for the opening pictures – yet Katharina needed a Eurodance song for a Disco kinda scene, and a good song where she can show the young protagonist dreaming away while dancing.


Veronika did Compose those two songs which now appear on the e.p. that will be released tomorrow. one thing i like about fettkakao is this small universe we move around in. Veronika asked Wolfgang Möstl of Mile Me Deaf if he could help her with the beats for the Eurodance song… and he did. Wolfgang recorded both songs (as the soundengeneer that he is) – and even rapped on Ready To Go!


one more thing about the record is – that  the cover is fitting so well for various reasons: as the Movie is based on the Eisbaronin Story (a women who ran an icecream business in vienna and became a murderer); the Protagonists of the Movie have a special moment when buying icecream… and: Summer! the record comes out this time of the year, where you can dance to a Eurodance songs and lick some ice cream.

Veronika saw the Picture that was drawn by Elisa Alberti on the Rundgang at the Academy of Fine arts in Vienna in January, deciding right away that it has to be the cover.


The e.p. (Tirana – Talea) is coming out tomorrow, June 28th when the movie Talea will have it’s premiere in the City of Vienna at the Karlsplatz. we will come and bring some 7″es with us.

see you at the movies – here’s the propaganda video nick did for this release! –>


huha! this was meant to get out to you earlier. but kids, it is also nice trying to remember things, and colour them 2 months later.

the Plaided / Just Friends and Lovers tour took place from November 23rd to November 30, 2012.

November 23rd, Wels Youki (Alter Schlachthof)

do you remember? the last thing told? it was about Matthias and me doing prices at the Youki 14. Plaided,the Jafalos and me met November 23rd in Wels at the Youki. Veronika still ill, me exhausted from recreating the prices the night before, and Just Friends and Lovers finding themselves on a soup diet. Plaided had to rehearse with me before the show, which meant no soundcheck for Dust Covered Carpet and Just Friends and Lovers. a very stressfull start, indeed.

(Just Friends and Lovers, photo by Michael Straub)

JFaL looked so good on stage, i couldnt believe it  and the set we did with Plaided was a sucess in the end as well. Turbo / Wilhelm Show Me the Major Label and me did some disc jockeing after the shows were done, which was cool until my headache became unbearable (i had to leave the wonderfull schlachthof quite early…)

November 24th, 2012, Kapu Linz

very ironic: there was a Fettkakao labelshowcase in Linz the next day, but without me – since i had to be at the Youki for the last day when the prices were hand over to the winners of the international youth film festival (which was wonderful). Plaided did their set as a three piece that evening (Clemens was w/ us for doing feedback!) both bands claimed that they had a great time. the gang was overwhelmed by the kindness of the soundperson and the other nice people at the kapu.

November 26h, 2012, Schokoladen, Berlin

the travelparty (consisting of Just Friends and Lovers, Turbo and Plaided) picked me up in Wels. it felt good to be picked up high noon on a sunday for a – as it turned out – easy ride to Berlin with the best destination for the evening ever: to go to that unpronouncable vegan pizza place. i stressed the gang by getting there in time – it was my only wish for Berlin (the last time i was there w/ Mile Me Deaf and A Thousand Fuegos – the pizzeria was closed). we made it. and in the end every one was thankful for my behaviour: being super satisfied with the big selections of pizza avalable there.

Berlin was nice. our host and fettkakao friend in law – Flo  – took good care of us (at least the Plaideds). here: hanging out at Karstadt again – Clemens, Veronika, Julia and Flo.

La Moustache and M:Soundtrack were setting up the show on Monday. i enjoyed myself a lot on stage and everywhere else that evening. Berlin feels like home, i have to admit, even though i am always bitchin’ about that city.

here, on the day leaving to Bremen: Lena, Vero and Lina waiting for the others and posing for me.

(Vero knitting that great hat…)

November 28th, Bunker, Bremen.

we didnt see much of Bremen. the car drive was longer than expected. but i remember as we drived into the city that Bremen has a lot of beautiful buildings (and streetcars) (you know, i love streetcars). the show took place at the Bunker . which really is a bunker from the 2nd worldwar, that has a house on top built on it in a caravan shape. we were sleeping at the very top of it which looked like a half pipe from the inside. weird. i liked beeing there. wherever we landed on that tour, the shows made sense. it was like sharing your best goods with people who understand and want that share. Bremen was really nice.

November 29th, Waggon Im Kulturkreis, Offenbach

again a longer drive than expected to Offenbach. we were landing in that city close to Frankfurt (i love driving by its skyline) finding ourselves in a very small venue – which is next to the Main in a rail car! Just Friends and Lovers have been there (as well as at the bunker) before, telling us how special that place is. and indeed, it was. i can only hope to get there again in summer; i believe hanging out there in the summer warmth must be dreamy.

faces in front of the Waggon the next day. but i dont remember what the code for hitting your own head was..

November 30, Denmal, Salzburg

after hitting our heads we drove back to austria. Vero of JFaL finished the hat on the way to Salzburg (we are still planning to put some in the shop in the near future). also on the way home: drawing different things or people. here. a drawing i did of Lina.

who is scribbeling parts of this into the guestbook of the van:

in Salzburg, the last day of the tour, we were waiting, eating pizza and playing. i was sad that it had to end. i tell you. i loved touring with the gang.

so that is why here’s another picture of Plaided/ Just Friends and Lovers on the Denkmal Couch.


thank you all for letting us stay in a hotel, on your or your friends couches and beds; thank you to Lina’s parents for letting uns stay at their big house with their sweet cat and the good food served to us. we drove 2435 km in approx 24hours (pure traveltime). it was a pleasure and success.

tour dates:

2012-11-23 AUT – Wels, Alter Schlachthof, Youki
2012-11-24 AUT– Linz, Kapu, Fettkakao Label Night
2012-11-26 GER – Berlin, Schokoladen, M:Soundtrack & La Moustache
2012-11-28 GER – Bremen, Bunker
2012-11-29 GER – Offenbach, Waggon im Kulturkreis
2012-11-30 AUT – Salzburg, Denkmal



this is my friend wolfgang. he does this thing called Mile Me Deaf. i know wolfgang for quite a while already. if you are an indie / punk kid like me – there’s no way not to know him. äh. but we never really spoke much, until he joned the Sex Jams band – first only to record for – then with them  – and then to be part of the wonderfull video for panorama ride.

it was pretty clear that he joins Sex Jams after that, but not too soon. because he has that other act going on for years as well: Killed By Nine Volt Batteries – that my friends at Siluh are releasing from the beginning.

Mile Me Deaf is of course a very different story. i saw them play pretty early, 2005 i think. propably at the old Siluh club at the flex cafe. i took notice, also because i am an Unwound fan – and the song MMD are named after is great.  i always thought they were cool. in 2010 i booked MMD to  support Antitainment at the arena. this was better than i remembered. could be that i opened up a little in the last few years. the show was him and then drummer flo – who quit because he became father. wolfgang continued the project the same way he started it: solo. the next thing i saw was a video that manager turbopete (aka flol) postet on his facebook wall. we had a little chit chat two days later and decided to do a 7″. easy as that.

the songs were recorded at wolfgangs place – where a lot of bands are recording. i guess most of his labels bands record there too (the label is called Numavi and is very sympathetic). the artwork was done by flol and wolfgang and was printed with berni’s (kelly fux) special printer machine.

the 7″ holds the catalogue number fett023.

heres what the cover looks like uncut, unfolded:

and heres wolfgang showing you what it looks like on the inside…

piep piep.

the record release show takes place at the fluc in vienna on april 14th, were Mile Me Deaf is playing with Trip Fontaine, who are currently touring with Sex Jams.

the flyer!

when i did the 5 year fest last september – Rainer Krispel asked me if there would be a compilation along to the fest. no there wasn’t one. and with a reason: i did not want to try to capture something that seemed so alive to me – alive like the fest was. 10 days w/ exhibitions + shows at different places in vienna, so many acts… so many nice people coming and sharing. i thought i had documented a lot of  the music anyways –  with all the 7″e.p.’s, LPs and CDs released.

some months later the idea of doing a compilation made sense though. not for a jubilee, not for showing what this label has put out so far – but the people around me, with their great ideas.

everyone contributed songs never released before (or at least not in these versions). most recorded exclusively for this piece of mini plastic. i loved how Paper Bird and Crazy Bitch In A Cave came up with the idea to cover their partners or boss song (both on the label) – or TIRANA completing a song for the compilation, Vortex Rex doing it last minute, Sex Jams going different directions for it etc.

i am really thankful to all artistes involved. for making it such a great record.

here’s what it looks like. my old friend Lisa Max did it in Perth Australia, where the summer comes to its end finally.

art by Lisa Max


the list of acts and songs:

01) Plaided – Let Go
02) Stefanie Sourial – Hide & Seek
03) Karin Depp – Plateau
04) A Thousand Fuegos – Coma Toes
05) 8 Hours Manatee VS Das Fieber – New Year’s Gift
06) Crazy Bitch In A Cave – Forever
07) Paper Bird – Escape Plans
08) Brooke’s Bedroom – Somewhere
09) Mile Me Deaf – Call Us Rats
10) TIRANA – Red Hills
11) Vortex Rex – Freeway Girl
12) Sex Jams – Gone Chillin’
13) Räuberhöhle – I’m Not Part Of The Shit
14) Gurlfriends -Treehuggers
15) Andreas Erstling – Autolied


the CD will be available from april 28th on; we will be celebrating its release at the follwing places:

May 6th & 7th, 2011 @ Lend Wirbel, Graz w/ Mile Me Deaf, Gurlfriends, Plaided, Vortex Rex

May 12th, 2011 @ Sckokoladen, Berlin  w/ Stefanie Sourial, A Thousand Fuegos, Sex Jams, Plaided

May 14th, 2011 @ Final Club, Praha w/ Stefanie Sourial, A Thousand Fuegos, Sex Jams, Plaided

May 21st, 2011 @ Rhiz, Wien w/ a special line up – to be announced!



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