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For Christmas, and a little bit after (New Years Eve), i have a very special offer you: all Compact Discs ever released on Fettkakao now for €15.
This also includes the very rare Fettkakao Sampler 2011, only a few are left.

here is the the list of the 11 Compact Discs:
fett001 Vortex Rex – Short Attention Span
fett002 Lonely Drifter Karen – Sinsweetime
fett004 Seven Sioux – Argue Again
fett005 Vortex Rex – Powermess
fett006 Spoenk – Hard To Mend
fett007 Seven Sioux – We Are Not The Scared People
fet008 A Thousand Fuegos –Like Big Black Clouds Through Burning Eyes
fett021 Stefanie Sourial – Amsterdam
fett022 Fettkakao – Sampler 2011
fett028 Plaided – Playdate
fett035 Fettkakao – Sampler 2014

15 € + Postage (3,60 Europe, 6,30 World).
please write me an email if interested!


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