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(picture taken at Gender Crash, Brut, Wien 2016)

The annual Girls Rock Camp had a party last Summer at the Rhiz in Vienna. As always, these shows are fun: short sets, new approaches to performances & many people i admire are attending too.

I’ve heard of La Sabotage: Bad Weed’s Phil was cheering during rehearsals of this new band they had just played with- and Dora of Schapka (Шапка) & Dives, who came to a show we did at the Performance Class party, told me of her friends doing these punk acts at Art Galleries, like we did that evening.

I made sure I’m not missing their show – but it seemed not neccesary to ask back if it was really them because the band i saw was just so good: you could tell they are exploring different motions, rhythms and soundlayers. Beats inspired by luggage rolling on the plastered pavement, low electronics set in to boost the sound; and with their singers performance La Sabotage turned the room into a dance party.

This band doesnt brag about their friendships, arent annoyingly friendly either. The trio is very Bold, knows what it wants, not short of any yes or no – and make things happen. Yet they are friends and i find them very friendly, uplifting and enjoyable peers.

La Sabotage re-recorded Rabengasse, and put Mad on the flip. you can listen to their e.p. on Bandcamp now too:

If you are interested, you are able to witness their live shows here:

Febuary 25, 2017 @ Kapu, Linz w/ Gurr & Postman
March 04, 2017 @ Rhiz, Wien NIL DESPERANDUM w/Stefanie Sourial
March 11, 2017 @ Café Stadtbahn, Wien

and this is La Sabotage, to be found on the internet.
Fettkakao | Facebook | La Sabotage Bandcamp


Riso Printed Cover Art, Made by Guitarist Nele.

kids. another fettkakao act is splitting up. after Spoenk now Seven Sioux call their quits. as Gerhard Stöger would say: again, after nineteen years! Gerhard remembered a show at the old flex in vienna; and i remember the story he wrote in austrias datum magazine 7 years ago, when Seven Sioux came back together – writing about the break up of the band, and how funny it is that they are back again.

(i stole that picture somewhere, not knowing who was taking it nor where or when)

when Seven Sioux was a band from Linz, from 1988 to 1994, i was a kid. i only started to embrace music from 1992 on; looking up to their peers played on MTV: Nirvana. as i grew older and into a really nice punk, hardcore… independent music scene, i only heard of Target Of Demand and the once so vital punk scene in Linz. i met Rainer somewhere between 1999 and 2000. i think i first saw him perform in Graz with Grant (where i was blown away by his stage presence) and was introduced to him shortly after by Thomas Reitmayer. in 2002 Rainer asked me to play bass (after Sushi of Holly May turned down the offer to play with them) in the then reformed version of Grant: Grant Royal. i was the happiest person for a while; my life took turns for the better at that point.

when Grant Royal split up in 2003 i was going different directions, again. but Rainer was always there. as a friend and person who understood and helped me in what i did. to this day.

it was a natural step to work with Seven Sioux when they came back together in 2005 – the same year fettkakao was found.

i was making new friends again and trying to drag them along to all the stuff my friends and me were just popping up with. like the show i really liked at the B72 in 2006. things were fresh, tight and spurring. and so punk.

(flyer made by Lisa Max)

Fettkakao has released three albums by Seven Sioux and one together with the Stimmgewitter Augustin, in their 7 year reformed existence:

Seven Sioux – Argue Again, fettoo4 (2006)

Seven Sioux – We Are Not The Scared People, fettoo7 (2007)

Seven Sioux – Hungover Kingdom, fetto11 (2008)

Seven Sioux & Stimmgewitter Augustin – Schmankerl der Schöpfung, fett018 (2010)

the band never managed to do a video but played some tours in germany, austria, england and made a lot of people stun and happy.

you can see them for the last time in austria at the Arena, Dreiraum as they are opening for Scream next monday (january 30th, 2012), and in may for the two last shows in germany:

–> May 11th, 2012 @ Walmeister, Solingen

–> May 12th, 2012 @ Alte Meierei, Kiel w/ Nothington

here’s the flyer for their show in vienna, austria. thank you and good bye dearest siouxies. xo.

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