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Venedig2015(Picture taken in Venice during the Art Biennale by Heti Prack in 2015)

colored in a washingmachine and hand tailored – you can now purchase the andi reenactment bags.

they are not backpacks, as shown in the picture above, but more like tote bags. each bag comes with a unique pocket inside, which might remind you of past projects.


these bags are available in different variations – please ask for your prefered combination.
drop me a mail if you are interested!
andi (at) fettkakao (dot) com | fettkakao art






i did a little introduction about fettkakao fabric, in part 1. time has past since then. and a lot has happened in that time as well. really a lot. three records came out, 2 more are waiting to be released. i travelled to a lot of places, got to know nice people and have been involved in so many projects… to make this short: i was busy.

i thought i could launch fettkakao fabric in march, which i simply couldnt. but between all the business – my family, friends and me were working on it to make it real.

here’s the story.

i am launching fettkakao fabric on sunday with the very first thing: tote bags. my father and me chose that as a project to teach me do straight stiches. my father is a master taylor and i am learning from him.

to make more out of it, i asked nick to help me with it. the initial idea was to create a pattern and then having people involved who do nice things/ designs. while sitting in the kitchen, drawing, we came to the idea that with the 9 letters fettkakao has, we can make cubes that – in three colours – are to be read in cube form or .. in a straight line. yes. nick’s a professional.

the next step was to set up a screen with which we can print the colours on the fabric… and a system, to put the three colours in the exact place. this took a while – until agnes stepped in and made us a fuctionable stencil. she’s the best.

we had parties. printing parties. i got help from agnes, berni, nick, cordula, clemens and valerie. these kids did a lot. you rule!

with the printed stuff i went to my father. to cut, iron and sew.

(yeah that’s me)

the toties have little bags on the inside (as you can see on the pic above) – where you can put stuff into. big enough for your iphone or ipod, chewing gums, little pen & eraser, hairtie, condoms, buttons, small presents and candy.

bleeh. the bags look like this, have official labels on the sides and stuff.

oh well. my friend nick did a video: fettkakao propaganda number 4. watch it as it explains and shows you the most.

we will be presenting the toties on sunday may 20th on a picnic at the augarten in vienna (close to the bunkrei). we will be there from 4pm on, stittng around, at a certain point maybe talking aboutbags baby and showing some to you, and the few i will have with me will be for sale. kids. after that you can order toties from me; then you will get a custom made one, yup yup. you know where to write an email to.

here’s the flyer for the party. if you intend to come: bring drinks, food and friends. and games to play!

yippie! fettkakao fabric is official now. in summer i am starting a new project. which will be something to wear…

see you soon.  fabrighost says good bye.-

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