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Recess Records artist Toys That Kill are playing a show at Venster99 in Vienna!


By the turn of the century, the Band from San Pedro, California emerged out of F.Y.P –  Todd Congelliere‘s first (solo) project. With Sentimental Ward Toys That Kill have released their 5th Album, which came out in june 2016.

The show takes place April 8th, 2017. La Sabotage from Linz, who have recently released their 7″ on Fettkakao, are opening up the evening.
Ana Threat is doing the Saturday Night Punk DJ thing after the shows!

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in a few days Lime Crush! –  a band i am in (and beeing creative with – this wasnt happening in over a decade) will play with F.Y.P at the Arena. F.Y.P perform only in four places in europe during the Toys That Kill tour they are having at the moment. so it is a rather special event folks.

F.Y.P played at the EKH in vienna in 1997. it is one of the numerous shows i missed out on. i dont mind having missed Hot Water Music around that time – since i saw them a few years later a – lot. but i wish i was at the Pee-Chees, Unwound and Sleepy Time Trio shows that took place around that time. those bands are long gone, as is the TU Club where almost all of those shows happened (if not at EKH). it was at the very center of vienna, where we hang out skateboarding before shows. i really enjoyed the TU Club time.

i got the chance to see F.Y.P in Los Angeles when we were US – trippin with Plaided in september 2012. and i think their show was a one timer as well. it was in the backyard of a coffee house kinda place; one of the Black Fag members was taking the tickets at the door. we had to party through a Recess Records line up (w/ Four Letter Words & Audacity ) before F.Y.P played my late adolescent soundtrack. it was so good that even Veronika of Plaided got turned on F.Y.P and Toys That Kill immidiatelly.

The shows at the Arena take place Monday (Toys That Kill + Bad Weed) and Tuesday (F.Y.P + Lime Crush).
i did two flyers last year to promote the happening (the tour was postponed to this year). which look like this:



there are two day tickets available for 12 € pre sales. the single tickets are 8 € pre sale, per night, €10 box office. so i would suggest to purchase the two day €12 tickets.

here’s also the mini Recess Records documentary. i watched it twice – thats how much i enjoyed it. (click on the picture to start it).



oh. and Bad Weed. Bad Weed are so impressive that they are featured on the upcoming Fettkakao Compilation as well!

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