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(Above: flyer for their show at the Rhiz in Vienna)

Milemarker are touring with their current record Overseas, playing a show October 11th, 2016 at the Rhiz. They have also just re-released their album Frigid Forms Sell with its iconic cover, which originally came out in 2000 on Lovitt Records.

Milemarker did Tour Europe extensively in the late 1990ies and early double O’s, visiting us in Vienna rather often. after the Band went on hiatus – follow up acts like  Rah Brahs and Challenger continued with this tradition, making sure to leave a mark on us: the Viennese Band Sex Jams even named themselves after a Milemarker 7″ (the one with the Kraftwerk Cover).


(above: picture i took at their show at TÜWI, October 9, 2001)

Al Burian once did a show at the Dreiraum, Arena where i thought it would be a reading of his Book –  the compiled Burn Collector – but instead it was a performance with no amplified instruments, or at least he did not use the PA. at the end, Al was handing out tape cases transformed into rattles and everyone in the room started rattling, calm and excited at the same time, until after 10 or so minutes the show fell apart.

this seemed so awkwardly spontaneous, it was one of the best experiences i had while attending a show.


(above the  flyer for that show made by Burn Björn)

Goldsoundz, the Styrian Supergroup (often w/ members of Just Friends and Lovers, sometimes Mile Me Deaf but always with Marti Farti) will perform as well. after a few cassettes on Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label, two 7″ e.p.s on Fettkakao and a great full length album on KIM as well as  a single with Interpretations by Voodoo Jürgens – the band is playing finally in Vienna again!

Milemarker & Goldsoundz
live at Rhiz, Wien
Oktober 11, 2016
presented by bloodsheed 666 & fettkakao


we have two issues out already!

the fanzines are catalogue-zines – to inform you on the newest releases and movements around the label, but also to use it as a communication tool – to feature interviews and art of (to us) interesting people.

the first issue was out Janury 2014. Melanie asked Priests and In School what they are passionate about, i asked Tirana 3 questions. it features art by Brandy Wine and Al Burian.

the second issue (which came out in April) has no interviews – but a text message riddle w/ Aivery about the upcoming sampler, a comic by Dot Dash; an image of Daniel Johnston drawn by Stephen Steinbrink and a drawing by Werner Bauer.

the fanzines are for free and published quarterly. if you happen to live abroad and want a copy – please contact me. they are free w/ every order and to be found in records stores, nice coffee shops and other random places around vienna.

the next issue is out due summer!



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