Friedl and Fettkakao are honoured to present you a Olivia Neutron-John show at the Rhiz in Vienna on the 8th of December.

“RAW, GLITTERING, PSYCHEDELIC… OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN, is a NON-BINARY, POST-BRO one person music/dance declaration of war on the accepted and the expected.”
-Ian Svenonius


When Anna Nasty isn’t performing solo, they play guitar in a rock n roll outfit called Chain And The Gang!

after the show, Friedl and Fettkakao will DJ into the Night!

Oliva Neutron-John: homepagebandcampfacebook
Interview: Bandwith
Events Links: facebookfettkakao

Ticket Price: € 5




Last year Tirana and Calvin Johnson did some shows together for a few days.
On the last day of the trip, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Lime Crush joined the bill and played a full set for the first time.

Lime Crush at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, April 8, 2014, picture: Mario Lang

Calvin Johnson, founder of K Records and best known for his projects Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System and the Hive Dwellers, is coming back to Europe again – performing solo. Lime Crush are joining him for a few more shows this time.

Calvin Johnson at Wohnzimmer Konzert Vienna, April 4, 2014

One of the latest K releases is the All Your Friend’s Friends Compilation [KLP255].
It is the brainchild of producer Smoke M2D6 and MC Eprhyme, who first came up with the idea to comb through K‘s catalog for samples that would act as the foundation for a collection of brand new tracks featuring MCs from Olympia and around the Northwest.

Calvin will bring a Documentary of the Compilation on Tour showing it at various places – also at the Mo.ë in Vienna on October 16.
All Your Friend’s Friends is a short film piece (20 mins.) documenting the creation of K Records North West Hip Hop compilation album by the same name, brought to you by Red Williamson and Newspin Films.

Calvin Johnson Live Dates, October 2015

13 Praha, Komunitní centrum na Žižkově #
14 Wien, Substance instore show (19.00)
15 Graz, Künstlerhaus KM – Halle für Kunst und Medien * #
16 Wien, Mo.e #
17 Budapest, Müszi * #
18 Zagreb, Močvara * #
19 Ljubljana, Plac Boris / Tovarna Rog  *

* w/ Lime Crush
# screening All Your Friend’s Friends

Calvin Johnson  K Records | Bandcamp | Wikipedia
Lime Crush  BandcampFacebook | Tumblr | Fettkakao
All Your Friend’s Friends | K Records | Bandcamp

together w/ Eternal Laser we are going to present another La Luz show this fall. this time together with California Burger/ Bachelor recording artist Peach Kelli Pop.


both bands played the Arena last year – La Luz opening for Sebadoh, Peach Kelli Pop at the infamous Dreiraum. and both put records out this year: Peach Kelli Pop earlier – the LP III (Bachelor/ Burger) and La Luz in August, an LP called Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art).

here’s La Luz most recent video – called Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine –>

show takes place at the Rhiz on September 29, 2015.


10 pre sale (via Wien Xtra)
12 box office

fettkakao event | facebook event

Fettkakao is now, at this very moment, turning 10.
It was in August 2005 that i have picked up the Vortex Rex 7″ (fett001) and Lonely Drifter Karen 10″ (fett002) records together with my father from the pressing plant in the Czech Republic. We stuffed the Car with Vinyl, my father helped translating conversations with the woman from GZ Digital and back we went.


(poster art by Chrisitee, designed by Lisa Max and screenprinted together)
The launch party nevertheless only took place on September 30, 2005 at the EKH, with Räuberhöhle, Spoenk, Redhead Army and Vortex Rex.

We had Festivities since then for jubilees – Veronika gave it the name Festkakao –  in 2008 for the 3year anniversary and in 2010 for 5 years. and even though we were counting and celebrating year by year with events like special radio performances, small shows or compilations, i only wanted to have another Festkakao for a 10 year party.


The Festkakao 2015 will take place in various locations around vienna. Starting September 7th at SIZE MATTERS, a small gallery showing art by Heti Prack, Christian Egger, Patrick Weber, Veronika Eberhart – as well as a performance for the Vernissage by Brooke’s Bedroom.

2 days later, September 9th, we’ll have a DJ night at the Elektro Gönner with Melanie Friedl, Andi Fettkakao and Stefanie Sourial performing live.

On September 10 we will show My Secret World – The Story of Sarah Recods (by the way it operated, Sarah was a big influence to Fettkakao) at the Schikaneder. Costa Caspary is going to DJ later there too.

And then there are shows the next day,September 11, taking place at the Arena on an open air stage outside and a punk party later at the infamous Dreiraum. with Priests from Washington DC, Dubais, Lime Crush, Crazy Bitch in a Cave, Ana Threat, Goldsoundz and DJs Mayr & Sassy Boy!

for the last day we’ll have an easy party going on at the Fluc, with Gran and Cry Baby performing live, Dubais aka Selecter Spliffster Nancy and Phil Spass playing canned songs.

you’ll find artist descriptions on the Festkakao 2015 wordpress page.
FESTKAKAO 2015 | wordpress

here are Facebook events, where you can join virtually.
Festkakao Facebook (whole event) | Day1Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

Fettkakao | Arena Wien | Fluc | SIZE MATTERS . Raum Für Kunst & Film | Elektro Gönner | Schikaneder

for quite a while i have been playing the You Make Me Wanna Die 7″ by The Shivas during the Fettkakao DJ nights at Elektro Gönner and other places. there was always someone coming up to me asking who’s song this is.

The Shivas have 2 LPs out via K Records – White Out and You Know What To Do; a new record should be out due this summer as well!
the Quartet from Portland, Oregon is touring Europe for the 2nd time and now finally come to Vienna on August 25th, 2015 too!

this happening takes place at the Rhiz and Dot Dash perform as well! listen to their 7″ from last year, here, on bandcamp.

now this is the flyer i was drawing:

pre sale tickets, available via Wien X-Tra: € 6
box office price: € 8

adress of the venue:
Rhiz, U Bahnbogen 37-38, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, 1080 Wien

event links: | Facebook

Cry Baby is a band found somewhere around summer 2013 with members Minki Mumu, old Fettkakao friend and helper Agnes Aye, as well as already known Fettkakao recording artistes Marti Fati of Goldsoundz and Nicoletta Hernández, who’s also playing in Lime Crush.

the Band recorded their debut 7″ last year w/ Christian Sundl (aka Turbo, Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label) on a very hot summer day.

WEB cover-digital-fett040

the e.p. consists of 3 songs – featuring then also member Veronika Eberhart, who played Drums, Keyboard – and whom you can hear singing backing vocals as well.

(photo taken by Ena Lein)

Cry Baby played their release show at das Bach in Vienna on the 4th of July.
on July 17th they are going to present the e.p. at  the Sub in Graz, when opening for VEXX (olympia, m’lady’s).10403458_948624621846485_3785460056218193876_n

this record is available from fettkakao, bandcamp and via discogs – as well as in stores that carry fettkakao merchandize.
here are links to digital platforms:
bandcamp | spotify | iTunes

Nadia ran into us at last years Creepy Teepee in Kutná Hora – right before we went on stage w/ Lime Crush. she was looking for a time table / the place she’s supposed to play. i don’t even know why i remember that, it was remarkable though. some hours after our performance, Dubais played this intense show at the indoor venue; people dancing all around her. i checked if my band was around for witnessing this. Dubais last song – i Dont Want to Die (I’m Going to Kill You) – had the same refrain as our last song (I Dont Wanna Die Alone). I looked acroos the room to Veronika, our jaws dropped.

here’s a picture from after the show. Lime Crush and Dubais, excited.


months later Nadia was in Vienna for the Wiener Kopulationsring Ball – Queer Boobs and Balls Against Fascism at the Hofburg, we couldnt go, since the 9th year anniversary show took place the same night at Fluc. but Dubais stayed for a couple of days. i guess that’s where we became friends. she was introduced to Fettkakao by Cordula and some time later we decided to work on a 7″ together.

the two songs on the single were recorded some time ago. i knew i wanted I Don’t Want to Die to be on the 7″ – the second song i chose is I’m No Good, which was co-written by Chris Sutton – whom we’ve met when he visited us w/ Hornet Leg.

the 7″ is out Aprill 11 – it will be presented at Nil Desperandum at the Rhiz. Nadia is doing more shows before and after that in April, presenting the single. she will also DJ with me at Elektro Gönner and play two shows together w/ Lime Crush in Austria.

the cover is a picture of a wooden tooth made by Casey Brown. it was layouted with the very kind help of Patrick Anthofer. thank you!
oh and the songs were mastered by Martin Siewert in Vienna as well. thank you too!

here are the Dubais live / DJ dates:

April 04, 2015 @ Antwerp, Vibration Publicaton Happening
April 08, 2015 @ Wien, Elektro Gönner DJ w/ Andi Fettkakao
April 09, 2015 @ Salzburg, Denkmal w/ Lime Crush
April 10, 2015 @ Innsbruck, PMK w/ Lime Crush
April 11, 2015 @ Wien, Rhiz, Nil Desperandum
April 17, 2015 @ Leipzig, KH87
April 18, 2015 @ Warsaw, Klubojadalnia Eufemia
April 24, 2015 @ Berlin, Loophole
April 25, 2015 @ Praha, Basement Bar w/ Part Time

Nick, Cordula, Nadia and me did a propaganda Video during her last visit in Vienna (where she has performed at the Straight to Hell festival!)

you can listen to the e.p, on bandcamp, or the single on the soundcloud.
here are links to find Dubais on the internet:

the 7″ is available via Fettkakao too, follow this link: Dubais – Bad Person 7″ (fett039) – or write me an email!

People tend to ask me why i started fettkakao and if i was playing in any bands. i always thought this was the initial reason to start a label: putting out your own records, something i myself did not do.
and even though – within the process of getting things done with my friends – i ended up playing instruments live and sometimes helping out on records;  but it wasnt until i got to know Ilsebill and Veronika – and some years later that i would just sit and bang on the drums during a Plaided rehearsal to become a part of the writing process. these projects lived from appropriation, trying things out with your friends, no matter what others claimed.

(photo by Christian Pausch, FM4)

in december 2013 i had the idea to start a band – with people i hung out at that time and thought are great: i asked Panini, whom i have seen in Aivery and played together with in Tirana, i asked Nicoletta who hung out a lot with us (and created the 2nd – now current homepage) and Veronika – with whom i have been to many places and involved with in just as many projects and situations.

Lime Crush: dedicated to punk, switcherous, and whatever we make it to be.

within 2014, we have been playing many wonderful places (without even a record out) and met a lot of interesting people. this is, given the work we put into it, rather liberating. and a proof that you can just do it.

the cover is a picture of an oil painting by Heti Prack, if you wondered. i know: a beauty.

we have recorded in the fall of 2014 with Chris Janka, and are now presenting a 3 song e.p. the release shows – yes two – take place at the Academy of Fine Arts (Atelier 219) january 22nd and at the Rhiz at Nil Desperandum febuary 6th; both in Vienna.

you can listen to the e.p, via Bandcamp and order the 7″ from the fettkakao page, already. find Lime Crush on tumblr & facebook,

and here’s the official commercial made by Nick Prokesch, featuring Denice Bourbon!

Les Trucs release another 7″ with fettkakao. we are very pleased that they do so. The duo from Frankfurt is constantly performing / releasing and has a nice discgraphy, including two Albums which are just great. it is their 3rd time cooperating w/ the label: the first time was when they went on tour w/ Sex Jams in 2010 and came to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. Les Trucs did a split 7″ with Sex Jams. the second time was just recently, to contribute Fuchs Frisst Weltraum to the Sampler 2014.

cover front

their current record is a two song 7″ with Zur Situation von Konstruktionen b/w Les Mots Ètranges. we’ll offer/ sell only the A side digitally this time. Les Mots Ètranges can be enjoyed as the Vinyls B side.

Les Trucs are touring from tomorrow on, starting in Berlin. they will be doing 4 dates in Austria as well.

13 NOV 2014  Berlin, Griessmühle
14 NOV 2014 Flensburg, Kühlhaus
15 NOV 2014 Bamberg, JUZ
18 NOV 2014 Passau, Freiraum (?)
19 NOV 2014 Wien, Bach**
20 NOV 2014 Graz, Sub**
21 NOV 2014 Wolfberg, Container 25**
22 NOV 2014 Kremsmünster, Mukuku**

** w/ Lime Crush

the cover from the 7″ is taken from their video to Zur Situation von Konstruktionen, which is online for a week now.


L I N K S:

Les Trucs: Homepage, Facebook, fettkakao page

purchase 7″:
purchase digital: bandcamp, iTunes

just on a short note: we are booking shows by bands via Fettkakao that are important to us and would like to share with other people here in vienna.

for october we are presenting three shows:

1 Hornet Leg & Lime Crush / 2 La Luz & Sebadoh / 3 Tacocat & Tirana



Hornet Leg & Lime Crush
October 4th, 2014 || Celeste, Wien

Chris Suttons band, Hornet Leg from Portland, Oregon are coming to visit us at the Celeste in the 5th district. the Band describe themselves as “Nerds obsessed with Punk and Blues” on their facebook page. but you’ll turn into a nerd yourself with the list of projects – the bandmembers in Hornet Leg are involved with.
they have released  an album and a 7″ on K Records; their current record, Still Life, was is available via StankHouse.

Lime Crush is a four piece from Vienna. they rehearse in Favoriten and are in the process of recording a 7″ for fettkakao.

since it has to be over by 10PM
Lime Crush is on stage at 8PM, Hornet Leg 9PM.

5 € pre sale / vorverkauf (wienXtra)
7 € box office

Hornet Leg: K Records, facebook
Lime Crush: tumblr, facebook, fettkakao

fettkakao, facebook,
Celeste, Hamburgerstrasse 18, 1050 Wien



La Luz & Sebadoh
October 21st, 2014 || Arena, Wien

La Luz is a quartet, now also releasing on Seattle’s very own Hardly Art records. i also know of a tape (burger) and a 7″ (suicide squeeze). we had originally planned to do the show at the Rhiz, but the guys at the Arena were kind enough taking La Luz along to the bill w/ Sebadoh – who were booked for the same night here in vienna. glad this worked out.

17 € pre sale
20 € box office

La Luz: Hardly Art, Facebook

Arena, Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien




Tacocat & Tirana
October 30th, 2014 || Fluc, Wien

Seattle’s Tacocat play at the fluc! after their debut Shame Spiral on Don’t Stop Belivin –  a 7″ + LP (NMV) was released earlier this year via Hardly Art.

Tirana is known for having been one half of Plaided, for doing the soundtack to the movie talea – but most of all for her unique yet always changing set up and sound.

Cry Baby members Minki Mumu and Baby Jesus will Disc Jockey that evening.

we take donations at the door.

Tacocat: Hardly Art, facebook
Tirana: tumblrfacebookfettkakao

Fluc, Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien

twitter fettkakao

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  • Today at Chelsea in Vienna: Ratttengold - oma hans angeschissen dackelblut ALTE SAU (picture from 2014 in Hamburg) 4 days ago

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