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For Christmas, and a little bit after (New Years Eve), i have a very special offer you: all Compact Discs ever released on Fettkakao now for €15.
This also includes the very rare Fettkakao Sampler 2011, only a few are left.

here is the the list of the 11 Compact Discs:
fett001 Vortex Rex – Short Attention Span
fett002 Lonely Drifter Karen – Sinsweetime
fett004 Seven Sioux – Argue Again
fett005 Vortex Rex – Powermess
fett006 Spoenk – Hard To Mend
fett007 Seven Sioux – We Are Not The Scared People
fet008 A Thousand Fuegos –Like Big Black Clouds Through Burning Eyes
fett021 Stefanie Sourial – Amsterdam
fett022 Fettkakao – Sampler 2011
fett028 Plaided – Playdate
fett035 Fettkakao – Sampler 2014

15 € + Postage (3,60 Europe, 6,30 World).
please write me an email if interested!



Kids! Daniel Johnston is coming to vienna on April 24th, 2012. this  is in 2 weeks almost. and that alone is big news, as me and most of my friends here at fettkakao have always been big Daniel Johnston fans. but i guess to you dear reader, this was pretty obvious.

i was asked by Philipp, promoter of the vienna show at the arena, to put  a team together. guess he knows i am good at that (at least). what an honour and then: also so fitting – because i already had the right people in mind for that.  Veronika (Plaided, Tirana, Ilsebill, Girslrockcamp), Rudi (Go Die Big City!, Hidden Cameras, Vortex Rex, ATF…), Wolfi (Mile Me Deaf, KB9VB, Sex Jams, Goldsoundz) and Bernhard (B.Fleischmann, hehe) will help out Daniel Johnston at the arena on april 24th, 2012.

today i have been to one of their rehearsals, which was … so nice that i had to take some pictures. hehe.

here are the people.





all together ❤ lalalalala.

hey kids. the youki in wels is one of the best things that has happened to the kakao in a long time. nick, matthias and me are hanging out and hosting a graphic analogue workshop at the schlachthof, having people coming in and out, trying different things. it is a workshop based on handicraft work, with no rules other than to do what you want to, with a little help from us if needed.

now here’s some impressions on the youki days… we had since tuesday until now.

the day we arrived (well it was dark already, winter…eeeh) we checked in, hugged people we knew already and went for a little walk watching short films projected on walls around the city in wels. it was freezing outside, which lead us to take a shortcut to have some (vegan) food at the warm festival office. (nick w/ soup)

the warming up turned into a party, with our favorite host liser – but we had to leave pretty early, since we were exhausted and needed to be fit the very next day. oh did i mention that we gave christian pausch – artist in residence and one day soon. chef a ride to wels? to be seen in the picture right next to liser (check out matthias’ increddible long hands!).

the day our workshop began we got up early & pretty organized. and since everything’s in walking distance  we put our stuff on nick’s skateboard rolling to the schlachthof.

day first of the workshop was fun. we made a few friends. like judith who claims to be a party pooper, but the things she poops are better than any party can be. <3.

the party evening had a short intermission with a very good clara luzia show. its always nice to meet clara.

we were DJing after the show, and it was a lot of fun. i was not expecting it to be that cool, even though viktoria of vortex rex (who is hosting a work shop at the youki as well) told me that the parties here are the best. everyone was dancing while i tried to rotade like the moon does around itself, the earth and the sun. which made me wake up w/ a headache and a hurting knee today. hihi.

the thing we worked on the 2nd day was a fanzine about liser. everyone loves her; she takes care of all of us on this festival, has a loudmouth and a big heart (not only tatooed). (picture: nick with liser + the zine + poster).

the day was long, matthias satisfied, nick and me happy with the zines.



FM4’s soundpark is celebrating its 10 year annniversary; the studio2 session round 20. and we are invited for the party!

i dont know if clemens (cool kid & curator of the studio 2 sessions) knows how much the session means – at least to me. after i started fettkakao, and ilias seayou with Go Die Big City a little bit later – it was one of the first things we did all together – with almost everyone involved who released records on either the one or the other label. early 2006 Go Die Big City shared an evening at the studio2 with Luise Pop – and there we were: matthias of A Thousand Fuegos, anna of Paper Bird, anna and rudi as the core of GDBC, ilias of Vortex Rex, me the fettkakao and stefanie. something has happened there. people have heard of us, and i think we learned about ourselves a little bit too.

one year later, 2007, A Thousand Fuegos was playing the studio 2 session (with a reduced, similar line up as GDBC –> video), 2010 Lonely Drifter Karen.

the special thing about this years FM4 soundpark studio2 session is -that there will be three sets of people/artist/ “collectives” that have been part of the soundpark sessions and/ or represent scenes where a lot of different people are involved. invited are the really cool SK Invitational from linz – who represent as a big band the well known hip hop scene not only of that city – and patrick pulsinger – an austrian all star – who was never limited to any scene or sound (patrick produced the Brooke’s Bedroom 12″ for fettkakao btw).

seayou and fettkakao was asked to present the little scene we are involved with – and to bring up some projects – which we are indeed used to, where some are helping others out – and /or create art together.

of course i dont want to spoil everything here – but it will be a rather interesting set inkluding Vortex Rex, die Eternias, 8 Hours Manatee, A Thousand Fuegos, Mile Me Deaf & the Maximum Miracle Center (huhu w/ Sex Jams members!).

all of that will be broadcasted live from 7pm on tomorrow (oktober 26th,2011) on Radio FM4, and there will even be a video stream!

if you happen to understand the german language – you can read some here and here.

oh. and i visited the bands while rehersing today… and took some pictures.

when i did the 5 year fest last september – Rainer Krispel asked me if there would be a compilation along to the fest. no there wasn’t one. and with a reason: i did not want to try to capture something that seemed so alive to me – alive like the fest was. 10 days w/ exhibitions + shows at different places in vienna, so many acts… so many nice people coming and sharing. i thought i had documented a lot of  the music anyways –  with all the 7″e.p.’s, LPs and CDs released.

some months later the idea of doing a compilation made sense though. not for a jubilee, not for showing what this label has put out so far – but the people around me, with their great ideas.

everyone contributed songs never released before (or at least not in these versions). most recorded exclusively for this piece of mini plastic. i loved how Paper Bird and Crazy Bitch In A Cave came up with the idea to cover their partners or boss song (both on the label) – or TIRANA completing a song for the compilation, Vortex Rex doing it last minute, Sex Jams going different directions for it etc.

i am really thankful to all artistes involved. for making it such a great record.

here’s what it looks like. my old friend Lisa Max did it in Perth Australia, where the summer comes to its end finally.

art by Lisa Max


the list of acts and songs:

01) Plaided – Let Go
02) Stefanie Sourial – Hide & Seek
03) Karin Depp – Plateau
04) A Thousand Fuegos – Coma Toes
05) 8 Hours Manatee VS Das Fieber – New Year’s Gift
06) Crazy Bitch In A Cave – Forever
07) Paper Bird – Escape Plans
08) Brooke’s Bedroom – Somewhere
09) Mile Me Deaf – Call Us Rats
10) TIRANA – Red Hills
11) Vortex Rex – Freeway Girl
12) Sex Jams – Gone Chillin’
13) Räuberhöhle – I’m Not Part Of The Shit
14) Gurlfriends -Treehuggers
15) Andreas Erstling – Autolied


the CD will be available from april 28th on; we will be celebrating its release at the follwing places:

May 6th & 7th, 2011 @ Lend Wirbel, Graz w/ Mile Me Deaf, Gurlfriends, Plaided, Vortex Rex

May 12th, 2011 @ Sckokoladen, Berlin  w/ Stefanie Sourial, A Thousand Fuegos, Sex Jams, Plaided

May 14th, 2011 @ Final Club, Praha w/ Stefanie Sourial, A Thousand Fuegos, Sex Jams, Plaided

May 21st, 2011 @ Rhiz, Wien w/ a special line up – to be announced!



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