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Les Trucs release another 7″ with fettkakao. we are very pleased that they do so. The duo from Frankfurt is constantly performing / releasing and has a nice discgraphy, including two Albums which are just great. it is their 3rd time cooperating w/ the label: the first time was when they went on tour w/ Sex Jams in 2010 and came to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. Les Trucs did a split 7″ with Sex Jams. the second time was just recently, to contribute Fuchs Frisst Weltraum to the Sampler 2014.

cover front

their current record is a two song 7″ with Zur Situation von Konstruktionen b/w Les Mots Ètranges. we’ll offer/ sell only the A side digitally this time. Les Mots Ètranges can be enjoyed as the Vinyls B side.

Les Trucs are touring from tomorrow on, starting in Berlin. they will be doing 4 dates in Austria as well.

13 NOV 2014  Berlin, Griessmühle
14 NOV 2014 Flensburg, Kühlhaus
15 NOV 2014 Bamberg, JUZ
18 NOV 2014 Passau, Freiraum (?)
19 NOV 2014 Wien, Bach**
20 NOV 2014 Graz, Sub**
21 NOV 2014 Wolfberg, Container 25**
22 NOV 2014 Kremsmünster, Mukuku**

** w/ Lime Crush

the cover from the 7″ is taken from their video to Zur Situation von Konstruktionen, which is online for a week now.


L I N K S:

Les Trucs: Homepage, Facebook, fettkakao page

purchase 7″:
purchase digital: bandcamp, iTunes


the sampler is out for some weeks already. it features artistes around the label – but mostly people i work with on a regular basis – or just encountered at a moment; people i find interesing, friends. as always: i try to hold on to a moment for a little longer by capturing it.

after having presented the compilation in Graz and Vienna – we are now off to a little germany tour w/ Just Friends and Lovers, Goldsoundz and Tirana.

here are the dates!

June 1oth @ Wien, Wagenplatz
June 11th @ Leipzig, HandstandundMoral
June 12th @ Berlin, Schokoladen
June 13th @ Kassel, Nord
June 14th @ TBA
June 15th @ Augsburg, Der Ludwig
June 16th @ Wien, Celeste w/ Brooke’s Bedroom!

just in time for the tour, Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label have released the Tape Version of the Sampler. so now you can choose between Vinyl, Tape, CD … stream and digi download!

also in time for the tour is this fine video by Just Friends and Lovers, which was made by Theresa Adamski of Beach Girls and the Monster. the band is also featured on the compilation. (youtube / dailymotion)

bands/songs on the compilation:

Beach Girls and the Monster – Butcher From the Surf ° Just Friends and Lovers – Showdown ° Bad Weed – Show Me What You Got ° Dot Dash – Evil ° Les Trucs – Fuchs Frisst Weltraum ° Mile Me Deaf – Vietnam Air ° Stefanie Sourial – Everybody Else and my Metronom ° Tirana – Window Shop of Love ° Goldsoundz – Cat Phone ° Brooke’s Bedroom – The Comfort Of Furniture ° Armin Lorenz – Eyes Wide Shut ° Crazy Bitch In A Cave – Masquerade (Infinite Palace Remix)

listen to the sampler on bandcamp; and purchase Vinyl + CD via Fettkakao mailorder.

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