Fettkakao is taking part in two seasonal markets this weekend. that’s why we have created this new pattern and format.


Small bags with a zipper, in a size to fit in yr drawing tools or whatever smaller items you want to carry. strengthened on the inside to make sure it is keeping things together.

We have used a few previous prints – like the primary color cube and the  fried potato ones – but came up with a new one this week: waving hands for solidarity, sticking together. somekind of wishful thinking for the future, 2017 and beyond.

It will premiere Saturday, December 17th at Size Matters with a literal Fettkakao (Hot Chocolate) made by Andi – plus also have it at the more complete booth (with Records and stuff) at Salon Schräg on Sunday (dec 18) as well!

The items in various designs will be available from the homepage on this weekend as well. if you are in a hurry though – don’t hessitate to write an email (andi –at — fettkakao — doooot- — com) – some designs can ship from friday on.