People tend to ask me why i started fettkakao and if i was playing in any bands. i always thought this was the initial reason to start a label: putting out your own records, something i myself did not do.
and even though – within the process of getting things done with my friends – i ended up playing instruments live and sometimes helping out on records;  but it wasnt until i got to know Ilsebill and Veronika – and some years later that i would just sit and bang on the drums during a Plaided rehearsal to become a part of the writing process. these projects lived from appropriation, trying things out with your friends, no matter what others claimed.

(photo by Christian Pausch, FM4)

in december 2013 i had the idea to start a band – with people i hung out at that time and thought are great: i asked Panini, whom i have seen in Aivery and played together with in Tirana, i asked Nicoletta who hung out a lot with us (and created the 2nd – now current homepage) and Veronika – with whom i have been to many places and involved with in just as many projects and situations.

Lime Crush: dedicated to punk, switcherous, and whatever we make it to be.

within 2014, we have been playing many wonderful places (without even a record out) and met a lot of interesting people. this is, given the work we put into it, rather liberating. and a proof that you can just do it.

the cover is a picture of an oil painting by Heti Prack, if you wondered. i know: a beauty.

we have recorded in the fall of 2014 with Chris Janka, and are now presenting a 3 song e.p. the release shows – yes two – take place at the Academy of Fine Arts (Atelier 219) january 22nd and at the Rhiz at Nil Desperandum febuary 6th; both in Vienna.

you can listen to the e.p, via Bandcamp and order the 7″ from the fettkakao page, already. find Lime Crush on tumblr & facebook,

and here’s the official commercial made by Nick Prokesch, featuring Denice Bourbon!