just on a short note: we are booking shows by bands via Fettkakao that are important to us and would like to share with other people here in vienna.

for october we are presenting three shows:

1 Hornet Leg & Lime Crush / 2 La Luz & Sebadoh / 3 Tacocat & Tirana



Hornet Leg & Lime Crush
October 4th, 2014 || Celeste, Wien

Chris Suttons band, Hornet Leg from Portland, Oregon are coming to visit us at the Celeste in the 5th district. the Band describe themselves as “Nerds obsessed with Punk and Blues” on their facebook page. but you’ll turn into a nerd yourself with the list of projects – the bandmembers in Hornet Leg are involved with.
they have released  an album and a 7″ on K Records; their current record, Still Life, was is available via StankHouse.

Lime Crush is a four piece from Vienna. they rehearse in Favoriten and are in the process of recording a 7″ for fettkakao.

since it has to be over by 10PM
Lime Crush is on stage at 8PM, Hornet Leg 9PM.

5 € pre sale / vorverkauf (wienXtra)
7 € box office

Hornet Leg: K Records, facebook
Lime Crush: tumblr, facebook, fettkakao

fettkakao, facebook, last.fm
Celeste, Hamburgerstrasse 18, 1050 Wien



La Luz & Sebadoh
October 21st, 2014 || Arena, Wien

La Luz is a quartet, now also releasing on Seattle’s very own Hardly Art records. i also know of a tape (burger) and a 7″ (suicide squeeze). we had originally planned to do the show at the Rhiz, but the guys at the Arena were kind enough taking La Luz along to the bill w/ Sebadoh – who were booked for the same night here in vienna. glad this worked out.

17 € pre sale
20 € box office

La Luz: Hardly Art, Facebook

Arena, Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien




Tacocat & Tirana
October 30th, 2014 || Fluc, Wien

Seattle’s Tacocat play at the fluc! after their debut Shame Spiral on Don’t Stop Belivin –  a 7″ + LP (NMV) was released earlier this year via Hardly Art.

Tirana is known for having been one half of Plaided, for doing the soundtack to the movie talea – but most of all for her unique yet always changing set up and sound.

Cry Baby members Minki Mumu and Baby Jesus will Disc Jockey that evening.

we take donations at the door.

Tacocat: Hardly Art, facebook
Tirana: tumblrfacebookfettkakao

fettkakaofacebook, last.fm
Fluc, Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien