now we have done a propper sampler presentation w/ our short trip north to Germany. the travel party consisted of Just Friends and Lovers, Goldsoundz and Tirana. we did 6 shows in 7 days..

Wagenplatz, Aspern (Gänseblümchen), June 10th, 2014
we have met with the kids from Graz at the Wagenplatz near the (still under construction) Aspern Seestadt – to pack up the bus with Tirana equipment and merchandize. Just Friends and Lovers were unable to perform – Lina and Vero still in Graz trying to recover from some heavy sickness. it was a really chilli evening, with a (almost full) moon shining on us while performing. here’s a double picture Cordula Thym took of Tirana and Goldsoundz.


Leipzig, Handstand und Moral, June 11h, 2014
we met kinda early for a 8 to 9 hour bus drive at the railway station with Lina and Vero (who arrived from Graz in the morning) and the rest of the gang. it was so hot – we had to keep every window open for the trip. but the drive was less of a horror than i expected it to be.
i have never been to Leipzig before, so i was really looking forward seeing a little bit of it. we arrived at 8, did a qick load out, set up and even the sound ourselves (well, mostly veronika). i found it interesting not having a soundguy at the venue – and also very liberating. soundguys make me feel uncomfortable most of the time – thus i dont really understand why small venues need one anyway. the collective running handstand und moral have this nice community built up around them. that was the other liberating thing to me: meeting a lot of interesting people who just came out to have a nice wednesday evening – and getting introduced to us and our art through that. a wonderfull night.

Goldsoundz_ Leipzig 2014-06-11 23.27.09
Goldsoundz || Just Friends and Lovers, Handstand und Moral, Leipzig

Berlin, Schokoladen, June 12th, 2014
our favorite place in Berlin – not only because of its name. and its always nice to meet Dana from la moustache (i always forget to ask her for the zines she’s producing). the show was set up by la moustache and m:soundtracks. too bad we didnt meet Melissa this time. we had to start early (Schokoladen shows have to be over by 10PM) -a hard thing for summer in Berlin, where the sunset is 40 minutes later than in Vienna, which made Tirana play in a dark venue while outside the bright sun still shining. but our friend Ella came early to the show as well – asking us some questions. you can listen to her show the stories about via Berlin Community Radio. Armin Lorenz was part of the showcase, he came out that evening to DJ and hang out with us.

2014-06-12 11.53.46
Marti driving.

Kassel, June 13th/14th,  2014
our friend Tim was inside the house already when we arrived. we were looking forward to our two day stay in Kassel (our Frankfurt show was cancelled) with Tim, whom Veronika and me have met during the time he was living in Vienna. the house where the show took place is not only a venue but also a community center – if i understood it right. and it is not a youth center or mainly a students place – it is organized by workers in Kassel. Tim made us good Salad (which was brought from the Intentional Community Niederkaufungen), and an even better Risotto. the show took place in one of the rooms of that house, no stage, decent lights: perfect. Tirana had a new guest beside me and Lena: Lina (also in JFaL) was drumming on a new song for the first time with us. exciting.
the next day Tim took us to see the Hercules in Kassel and went with us to that amazing vegan fake meat place after that.  later we met up with the DJ Team Tazzen (the duo did a great set the day before), who showed us the Kunsthochschule in Kassel – with it’s Joseph Beuys rocks everywhere (Documenta 7), took us for a walk to meet some racoons (!!!) and hung out with us in front of that villa. thank you Tim for a woderfull time in Kassel, and taking good care of us and our crazyness.

2014-06-13 16.40.12
the Gang w/ our lovely host Tim, without Marti

Augsburg, Soho Stage, June 15th, 2014
the soccer season has begun and i hate it: you cant escape overdimensional screens with boring footage shown and weird (mostly male) idiots with all sorts of flags (mostly german in germany) lurching around drunk. boring things make me mad. even more so if it is everywhere.
the show in Augsburg nonetheless was an island. the soho club posh (its almost a cliché how clean and posh things are in bavaria compared to the rest of that country) – but the people coming to the show were different, of course. i had some really nice conversations, and also the feeling people understood what we were doing. Goldsoundz was really fun to watch that night – i could see people in the audience enjoying martis styrian way.

2014-06-16 01.46.07
Just Friends and Lovers w/ Tirana, Augsburg, Soho Stage

Wien, Celeste, June 16th, 2014
a long drive home. to me it seemed longer than expected – we even left early. good that i bought some strawberries in Augsburg for the drive. fruits always have a chilli effect on me. our showcase at the Celeste was the 2nd Fettkakao Sampler release party in way. it felt really good arriving home – where your friends welcome and help you: Brooke’s Bedroom, Jasmin, Nici and Melanie hangin out with us – while we were setting up and soundchecking – this time alltogether again with the help of Jasmin; eating noodles and figuring out how to errase the minus we had from the tour. we asked for donations at the door – and thanks to everyone coming and helping us: we were able to cover our costs in the end.
the Celeste is the hippest location in Vienna at the monent it seems, but it is also very uncomplicated and a good place for shows.  i’m glad Brooke’s Bedroom was part of the showcase this time again; as well as Theresa and Nici beeing the great DJs they are – also on that evening.

2014-06-17 00.15.15
Just Friends and Lovers, Celeste, Wien
Thank you for participating and helping us.