we have two issues out already!

the fanzines are catalogue-zines – to inform you on the newest releases and movements around the label, but also to use it as a communication tool – to feature interviews and art of (to us) interesting people.

the first issue was out Janury 2014. Melanie asked Priests and In School what they are passionate about, i asked Tirana 3 questions. it features art by Brandy Wine and Al Burian.

the second issue (which came out in April) has no interviews – but a text message riddle w/ Aivery about the upcoming sampler, a comic by Dot Dash; an image of Daniel Johnston drawn by Stephen Steinbrink and a drawing by Werner Bauer.

the fanzines are for free and published quarterly. if you happen to live abroad and want a copy – please contact me. they are free w/ every order and to be found in records stores, nice coffee shops and other random places around vienna.

the next issue is out due summer!