i was going through my harddrive looking for some pictures during the recording session for the 2nd ATF album in 2008. i didnt find any. but i remember it pretty well. Matthias invited a lot of people over for a big choir. this was very common around that time, not to say it wasnt something special. Paper Bird even had FM4 journalists at her flat filming the recording process as the choir poured their voices over some parts of Thaumatrope (seayou, 2009).

A Thousand Fuegos had this big kinda party at his flat – people standing around everywhere; singing and metalvoicing. a very nice picture i have in mind. but the path we choose for releasing and promoting the record was different. it was wrapped in myth … or more likely around the fact that we wanted to make it a piece of art maybe, something that represents itself as this piece of vinyl – where everything was done by the artistes (with little help of others) – the music, the recording, the artwork – even the duplication of it: Matthias screenprinted those 300 covers himself . the very first 20 pieces came with a big fold out cover that had etched (!!!) inlays in it.  no CD, no digital version – just the plain LP. that was our approach at that time.

after 5 years i wanted to make this mastepiece available to more people – at least consciouss that this record exists. one that i myself havent listened to in a long time and find so much beauty in.

the timing is right. it will be released  August 3rd, 2013 – when A Thousand Fuegos is playing with Der Nino Aus Wien and the wonderfull Woods at the Flex Sommerfest in Vienna.

and if you are courious –  you can stream the Album on Bandcamp already.

Nick Prokesch, from the fettkakao propaganda departement, did this commercial for the (digital) album: