it was in a rush – that Veronika recorded a song of hers with Cordula Thym at the Rosa Lila Villa in 2011. just some weeks before we released the Fettkakao Sampler 2011. i remember having dropped by and there was my bass lying around; all kinds of people standing there – and me curious of what Veronika is coming up with now.

(Cordula Thym with Veronika and Armin Lorenz after Red Hills was recorded)

it took some more days to give her new project a name. “let’s just call it Tirana”, Veronika suggested – and i thought this was a brilliant idea. beside the magic that the capitol of Albania has, it reminded me of the Teenbeat way of naming projects – like  Air Miami or Tel Aviv.

the reaction towards the compilation was immense – and some people asked themselves who the person is – doing that Red Hills song under the moniker Tirana. it was like a secret unintentionally – as we were more concerned about Plaided : the band was preparing to record their album Playdate and doing a lot of shows at that time.

i met Katharina Mückstein in a streetcar last summer. Katharina is running a Film company called Labanda Film – and they where about to start shooting their fim Talea. after asking how i did with fettkakao she suggested that we should cooperate some day soon. that day came by earlier than expected. after having heard the Tirana song – she found Veronika’s Music perfectly fitting. so did i when i saw the first sequences from the movie. Red Hills was taken for the opening pictures – yet Katharina needed a Eurodance song for a Disco kinda scene, and a good song where she can show the young protagonist dreaming away while dancing.


Veronika did Compose those two songs which now appear on the e.p. that will be released tomorrow. one thing i like about fettkakao is this small universe we move around in. Veronika asked Wolfgang Möstl of Mile Me Deaf if he could help her with the beats for the Eurodance song… and he did. Wolfgang recorded both songs (as the soundengeneer that he is) – and even rapped on Ready To Go!


one more thing about the record is – that  the cover is fitting so well for various reasons: as the Movie is based on the Eisbaronin Story (a women who ran an icecream business in vienna and became a murderer); the Protagonists of the Movie have a special moment when buying icecream… and: Summer! the record comes out this time of the year, where you can dance to a Eurodance songs and lick some ice cream.

Veronika saw the Picture that was drawn by Elisa Alberti on the Rundgang at the Academy of Fine arts in Vienna in January, deciding right away that it has to be the cover.


The e.p. (Tirana – Talea) is coming out tomorrow, June 28th when the movie Talea will have it’s premiere in the City of Vienna at the Karlsplatz. we will come and bring some 7″es with us.

see you at the movies – here’s the propaganda video nick did for this release! –>