Just Friends and Lovers have this wonderfull record out by tomorrow!

it is called What, Colour?, holds the catalogue number fett032 and consists of 13 warm songs. these are the hard facts. some other hard facts are that the album was recorded by their very good friend Turbo, the person behind Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label. he has his  own studio called Ladida in Graz where he is now recording a bunch of records (besides for his Wilhelm Label). it was mastered by another friend of theirs – Philipp Forthuber (of Crystal Soda Cream and Beach Girls and The Monster) and the artwork was made by Theresa Adamski, Lina’sex bandmember (both were in Lady Lynch).

(propaganda video number 7 made by Nick Prokesch)

as for Just Friends and Lovers: i introduced you to the wonderfull trio when i was putting out their 7″ This Tune in June 2012. you can read our romantic story here.

i heard some, if not most songs from the What, Colour? record during the combined tour with Plaided in November 2012. i loved them so much (the songs) that i looked so so forward to a recorded album with all of them on it! the recording process is well documented on a blog page called “a dinosaur egg of an album“.

you know, Plaided did not only share release show stages and two tours with them, but also did this song switcharou thing: first Just Friends and Lovers where intvited to pour their voices onto the song “boundaries” on the Playdate album, and now Julia and Veronika were let into Ladida studios to sing and do additonal drum beats to the song “bad“. oh and it was when they were together in Zagreb where the idea to another song was born:

it is their first musicvideo to the record, again – made by their art director Theresa Adamski.

i am looking forward to tomorrows release show at the fluc, after that the band is going on tour:

————– T O U R ————————————–

24. Mai, Fluc Wien, Record Release show

25. Mai, Ladiesrockcamp Soliparty im Volkshaus, Graz

28. Mai, Waggon, Offenbach

31. Mai, Denkmal, Salzburg w/ TIRANA

01. Juni, Eisenerz w/ TIRANA

04. Juni, Arena Wien w/ The Babies

07. Juni, ESC, Graz

11. Juni, AKC Meadia, Zagreb


here’s the band camp link to the album:

What, Colour?

and here’s the flyer for the show tomorrow in vienna. thank you!