i just watched Dave Grohls key note speech at this years SXSW. and no i didnt see it live when i was in Austin, TX w/ Plaided. i didnt expect liking it as i started watching (well i was curious – since Melanie was suggesting it) – but i really enjoyed, yet was surprisingly moved by listening to Dave Grohls speech. i came to realize that most things in my life, bands, labels, art, scenes and people i like – even my mindset – are all things in Grohls story i came to love, moved or changed me. and yes. without the link to Nirvana in the first place. i am a punk kid, and i will always explore things in a punk way.

i was lucky enough again that Plaided asked me to play bass on their little trip to NYC and Austin, TX – joining them on their adventure. the Band was invited to play this years SXSW, as our friend George from british label Damnably was suggesting the Band to SXSW people.

we headed to Brooklyn, NY to meet our friends and great supporters Japanther. Matt and his lovely room mates let us stay in their incredible appartement; where we were allowed to sleep in their self build mini ramp! unfortunatelly Veronika was sick the first few days; but as soon as Julia was arriving to New York (she could only leave Vienna a few days after us three) Veronika was getting better – and we were able to make the trip w/ Japanther to a house show in Boston. Japanther know how much we love doing house shows, something rather rare in europe.

the show was organized by Ben of BUFU records and his friends. there were a bunch of bands doing 20 minute sets, who were all great. i remember one band was called Queef. they all did this fun punk thing, big party and good sounds. we had fun. Japanther after us was mind blowing. people were falling into Ian’s drum kit during the set. wild.

(ouside BUFU house, picture taken by lovely Shawn)

we got a ride back to NYC the same night and Matt dropped us off at our new place we stayed at for the rest of our New York days/ nights: in Manhattan – at our friends place from Vienna – great artist Catharina Freuis. thank you for sharing your amazing view / experience on the 20th floor with us Catharina. ❤

for our last day in NYC – Plaided where invited to play in front of the mini ramp we were first sleeping in: it was a house show in Brooklyn now, with great bands such as the Puppies, Ken South Rock and Japanther performing. with people skating that thing while bands were playing. just like in a movie or in a good cartoon. the party was called Rasta Pasta – where Ian and Lupita were cooking three coloured Pasta for everyone. i still cant believe how nice we were treated by everyone: our hosts, charlie the cat and most of all Japanther.

(picture taken by Walter Wlodarczyk)

the very next day we left Catharina and beautifull New York for South By Southwest in Austin, TX. we knew it would get pretty crazy there – and have been really lucky that Marlene – a friend of a friend in the first place – let us stay at her and Arnold’s house. she was picking us up from the airport and helping us the next couple of days finding our way into the ctiy and places we wanted to go to.

before doing a show we were lurking around in Austin. getting our wristbands, organizing a storage room (thank you Ulf) four our equipment, to be prepared for spontanoius performances. inspiried by our freshly made friends in NY – Unstoppable Death Machines, who gave us flyers at the the Chelsea Light Moving show – we immidatly sat down drawing a flyer and photocopying it. now we could tell people when and where our shows take place.

we are all born naked and the rest is drag

we went to see a bunch of shows before our first show at the Girls Rock Camp Austin SXSW party at Cherrywood Coffehouse (which offers the best peanut butter / banana / soymilk smoothie i’ve ever had!). that place was rad. and kido. Austin’s a hot place. the GRC showcase took place in the afternoon so we had to play hide and seek w/ the sun. at the GRC we were meeting another friend of close friends: Sookee from Berlin. her set was great – im happy we got to meet.

our official showcase on 6th street in a bar called BD Rileys was scheduled for midnight, and we got help again from nice friends of friends who became friends. thats the best part. new friends. we got a ride w/ a pick up truck to very busy downtown then leaving our stuff at BD Rileys – just to movie on to Iggy and The Stooges. we were sitting outside the club on the pavement, enjoying Iggy’s songs. everyone in a rush but we had the time of our lives sitting there.

the show at BD Rileys – Plaideds official showcase – was a big chunk of sound; which i really enjoyed. to me it seemed that all you had to do at SXSW was play as loud as possible to give people the right feling outside on 6th street – deliver yr part of the big drowning mashup this city is asking for.

we had tons of time to go lurk around and watch dozens of great bands (Talk Normal, Shannon and the Clams, The Coathangers…) the next days, getting to know nice people (hey Brandy!); running into friends on the street who tell you where they are playing next (Pharmacy) and find out that a band like Love As Laughter are a) still around and b) playing just where you stopped by.

our last perfomance took place at cheer up charlies. one of the best venues at SXSW. it was a queer festival, and Plaided was sandwiched between Guantanamo Baywatch and Vacation Eyes, the new band of Jenny Hoyston of Erase Errata. whoo hoo!

we had two more days after our last show at SXSW – but we spent it wisely in (AC’d) record & thrift stores, comic shops and at Barton Springs. now we are cooling of in Vienna; the 35° + we had feels like a dream to me as i am faced w/ ice and snow in vienna again…

__ ___ ___ ____ ___

thank you all for taking good care of us.

dates Plaided played:
March 08th 2013, Boston, MA @ BUFU House Party w/ Queef, Japanther
March 10th 2013, Brooklyn, NY @ Rasta Pasta w/ the Puppies, Ken South Rock, Japanther
March 13th 2013, Austin, TX, @ Girls Rock Camp Austin, SXSW
March 13th 2013. Austin, TX @ BD Rileys, SXSW
March 16th 2013, Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlies