i am always running late with telling stories. in fact i became a rather bad story teller.

team fettkakao was invited over to the youki film festival again. we felt honoured as the youkis asked us to create the prices for this years winning people / film teams at the festival. team fettkakao: that was only matthias (A Thousand Fuegos) and me this time; with the idea to make hands out of fimo. we enjoyed ourselves with old and new friends kneding stuff with us, as you can see.

one of the prices:

what i did not tell you was that we were good in finding ideas and were also fast in working out how to make hands. which turned out to be helpfull in the end, since we ruined everything on the last day – not looking after our little sculptures in oven: the hands got burned.

but watch it yourselves.

(video made by the youki mediagroup)

but as i tried to say it before. we were trained enough to recreate the prices, to be given away as intended. and i still had enough time to prepare for the next evening for the show with Plaided, and the DJ set together with Turbo from Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label at the Youki Nightline.

here are some more pictures

wah. and i heard these bags sold out at the youki already. but i almost forgot that i did this drawing before the youki – for some of the bags they planned doing… and was surprised when i saw school kids walking around with them in Wels.

we (team fettkakao, most of my friends and me) love the youki so much. thank you for having had us this year again.