kids. this was more than a month ago. time flies by so fast.

but there’s so much to tell. or: here are some pictures i took on the road. with words to it.

the ATF // MMD tour started in bratislava, slovakia – where i was not part of the party. my friend and coleague and number one booker helped out on that one: Bernhard from Siluh.

the next day i was picked up at noon for the ride to austrias rock n roll city innsbruck. sitting in the last row, right next to me: matthias (atf) and wolfi (mmd)–>


we had this huge bus. i think this was the most comfortable tour i have ever been part of because of that.


ibk was really nice. we have good friends there who take good care of us. thank you beate and gang. the pmk feels like home, always with a party until the bar closes.

(A Thousand Fuegos, Innsbruck, PMK)

our next stop was dresden. a long ride, where i could sleep a little. i was waking up at a gas station in shock:  the landscape was covered in snow (and me beeing only 2 weeks in europe, coming from 36° hot california, still only wearing my summer shoes a shirt and a hoodie..).


Mile Me Deaf + A Thousand Fuegos played this big party for a bar (called madness). i felt like in that Nick Cave video, at least the location looked like that.

also: taking instagram photos turn out like that in the dark:

(Mile Me Deaf, Dresden – Fortschritt)

thats why i started drawing the bands…


(A Thousand Fuegos, Dresden – Fortschritt)

we had a day off in dresden. good for buying propper shoes and other stuff to wear. the poznan show MMD / ATF were supposed to play was also cancelled (due to the fact that the venue was flodded).


so we headed straight to berlin. both bands played at the loophole – where we’ve met a lot of friends (like Crystal Soda Cream who also played that evening), hang out and enjoyed the plus day offs. thanks to flo who let us stay at his wonderfull apartement.

(trip fontaine flo + mile me deaf) ( ❤ )

matthias became pretty sick. nothing really helped – not even flolitas medical skills.


A Thousand Fuegos last show was in Karlsruhe. both bands played an epical set together. it was still too dark to take pictures w/ my i pod..  so here’s another drawing:

(A Thousand Fuegos, Karlsuhe)

this is the saddest part of the tour: bringing matthias to the railway station in ulm. he became so sick that he had to go back to vienna. this one’s saying good bye.

(ulm, bahnhof)


not too far from ulm we landed at a gas station near to a village called dornstadt. the MMD show took place in an old abandonned gas sation right next to the autobahn. these shows are for truckers and other travelers only. i took some pictures, but they did not turn out right. – here’s another drawing of Wolfgang.

(Mile Me Deaf, Dornstadt, Tanke)


we did an overnight drive from the gas station to amsterdam, where we had a nice day off. we met stefan (an old friend of the band; stefan also made the cover for the first sex jams e.p.) and went to the paradiso, watching bands and hanging out. no pictures to that. we drove to groningen the next day – Mile Me Deaf played at a club called lepel (spoon). it was a good show, but i dont remember much since i got sick right there..

our next stop was london. driving through the netherlands is always beautifull. even if you are sick like i was. i cant get enough of that v iew.


it was a hell ride to get there. everything took ages. we had a 3 hour ride on the fairy because of the stormy weather on the canal, so we arrived pretty late. MMD enjoyed themselves a lot on stage; and i think the people in the audience too, it was only me who seemed to struggle through the night.

here’s a picture of next days hiding out at  hyde park.

the way back on the canal was fast, nice – almost warm. wish that one never ended. and. i started feeling better. yuhu.

we had a way too long drive to mainz – but it was woth it since that club (schon schön) has this cafee where they sell these incredibly good vegan sandwiches.

here’s a flolita pic. he was singing for me.

(Mile Me Deaf, Schon Schön, Mainz)

good bye germany. hello switzerland! we arrived late, again. this time in zürich. the show was set up by that group mi sous l’eau – who were the nicest, really. we even got our favorite food: pasta w/ vegetables. it was so so good – wish more people were like them.

mhm. i was looking throug my pictures.. all i found is this one. flo w/ art he found at the dynamo.

last day of the tour was in winterthur at a bar / hotel called albani. a good place to end a tour at. thank you siluh and seayou for booking this beast – and everyone we have met on the road for beeing so nice to us. ❤

tour dates.

2012-10-25 SVK – Bratislava, Intergalaktická Obluda Klub
2012-10-26 AUT – Innsbruck, p.m.k
2012-10-27 GER – Dresden, @Fortschritt Bar

2012-10-30 GER – Berlin, Loophole / Noisekölln

2012-10-31 GER – Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
2012-11-01 GER – Dornstadt, OWF – Tanke
2012-11-03 NED– Groningen, Lepel Concerts
2012-11-04 UK – London, The Old Blue Last
2012-11-06 GER – Mainz, Kulturclub, Schon Schön
2012-11-07 SUI – Zürich, Mi-Sous Leau, Dynamo
2012-11-08 SUI – Winterthur, Alabani


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