oh i have been telling so many stories about Plaided already. thats because Veronika and Julja are vey close friends, both became my family in a way. funny. as Plaided isnt that old. but we have been to so many nice places, met so many good people; learned a lot from another and went through a lot of shitty and funny things.

the last record (and the first Plaided one, before that we worked on Ilsebill) we got together was the one with the ice skate in 2010. it was released during the Festkakao Week. that was a busy time, as the label got big press and i had a lot to do for the little festival i was setting up. i remember screenprinting covers with the two on a hot summer day at FKKHQ, and getting the records just in time for its release  at the rhiz.

now two years later; after so many shows and festivals – the duo is finally releasing their debut LP called Playdate.

the cover was shot by Veronika on Ischia in Italy. Patrick Anthofer was responsible for the layout and fonts on the cover. look at the picture i took of the two, after our (long) layout session at Patrick’s office. this is at a restaurant late at night. the food was delicious.

Playdate was recorded in febuary 2o12 by Wolfgang Möstl in Graz. i remeber having had this conversation with Julia and Veronika on our way to Budapest last year – where they played with Sex Jams – that Plaided should record something with Wolfgang someday. a few days later, again w/ Sex Jams in Innsbruck, Wolfgang had some ideas concerning their sound; they then became friends.. and the decission was made pretty soon that he should record the album.

(Wolfgang recording Plaided in Graz)

it was a very productive, yet stressfull weekend. and i only came for the last two days: in parts to hang out with Just Friends and Lovers (who also sing on the song boundaries) and also to play guitar for a song, and drums for another.

some weeks after everything was done, the music, the art – Nick Prockesch did a propaganda video with the assistance of Stefanie Sourial;


teaser –> Buried in a Stupid Thought:


and then please also visit these pages:

facebook || www.plaided.org || bandcamp

the album will be available on LP, CD and Digitally; you can order the physical releases via email (write me!) and through my homepage, your favorite recordstore or purchase it through amazon.

Plaided will travel the world, that’s for sure, but before that Veronika and Julja are having a party because of the Playdate album with the help of  Sushila Mesquita who is playing the beautifull bass!  Just Friends and Lovers (they are releasing a 7″ the same evening) will open the show. Wolfgang Möstl and Me will jump into the picture propably too.

Brrrnje + Frau Friedl + Andi Fettkakao (aeh) will disc jockey at the rhiz that night – friday, june 15th.

here’s a flyer. hope to see you soon!