Just Friends and Lovers will present their 7″ “This Tune” on friday. that is in 2 days. i told the story of how i met Lina; but not long after, Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label chef, Turbo,  sent me the muxtape page from the JFaLos. i imidatly booked them for a show at the Dreiraum at the Arena, falling in love with their music.

the sad thing is – when the show finally happened i was in Luzern. yes that beautiful city in Switzerland. i also missed their show at the wilhelmine festival the following november – so my first time with Just Friends and Lovers was in december 2011, when they opened for High Places at the B72.

i had the tape already, and listened to the songs on my ipod constantly. but seeing them live was something different.i asked them as they came off the stage if they wanted to do a 7″ with fettkakao. the answer was yes, and i was a little bit ashamed of  my impentuous behavior.

we met twice, the second time in Graz (when Plaided recorded their album w/ Wolfgang Möstl) – where we went for a walk and took some pictures. i still have not developed the analogue ones, but this is one of the pics that came out of my ipod.

(lina, veronika, lena)

the weekend in Graz was really nice. Plaided recorded a masterpiece w/ Wolfgang; Just Friends and Lovers came by to sing along to the Plaided song boundary; we then watched Terminator 2 and had some good salad. i was also informed that great artist Theresa Adamski will be doing the cover for them again, and is their art director in general – now the video thing is in her (good) hands too. Theresa is playing in bands such as Crystal Soda Cream and Beach Girls and the Monter. she was in the band Lady Lynch with Lina before.

the cover which JFaL,Valerie and me screenprinted last week, looks like this (thanks to Matthias /A Thousand Fuegos again for the light).

yes. two different colors. i was talked into this by Lena and i am glad she did that talking as the red ones turned out so beautiful.

now the 7″  will be presented this friday at the Rhiz – where Just Friends and Lovers share the night with Plaided, who are presenting their LP / CD that evening as well. the two bands like being together- they have been on a croatia/ slovenia tour last may.

you have the chance to listen to their 7″ digitally here already:


and this is where their great tape release (split w/ moscows Love Is) is  to be found:


and and. this is their official page, if you keep looking for Just Friends and Lovers:


thank you. hope to see you on friday, if you live in vienna!

here’s the flyer to their release show in vienna.

and here’s the flyer to their release show in graz.