I already introduced you to Wolfgang Möstls projekt last spring, when we deicided to do a 7″ together called “Swing Back To Me”. a lot of people knew Mile Me Deaf already, but were blown away by his popness. swing back to me became a summer hit, not only to me.

i was happy when Wolfgang asked me to do a full length LP with him, and inviting our friends from siluh over to do the CD version. Mile Me Deaf became more of a band thing with stealing the rhythm section from the Sex Jams gang, who call themselves the Maximum Miracle Center.

the LP – entiteled “Eat Skull”  (named after a fight the band Eat Skull had on stage at the rhiz in vienna in 2011) is a pop adventure mixed with what you propably have expected from Wolfgang: i n d i e r aw k.

this is the cover, which was shot by wolfgang, who appears on the cover with lovely beate, eating cotton candy… or candy floss, and drinking beer. the record is like a celebration. something was reached.

the siluhs, the fettkakao gang and a bunch of other people were loud about MMD’s music. such as our friends johannes and horst, who did this hommage kinda video (men without hats & that actor guy, whats his name?)  to “wild at heart“.

and then – then we had to think of the past. of things that are good but not properly released yet. funny that this was in the closet for so long, even though the cool kids at numavi were pushing that thing. i guess interesting stuff never gets enough attention.

here’s something free for you: a blast from da pastthebestofmilemedeafyo just click yourself to milemedeaf.com!

now we are all over this town because we made good propaganda. like this one:

tomorrow a bunch of kids will hang out at the gartenbau kino in vienna. rumors say there will be candy floss and beer to buy. but also CDs from the siluhs (props to those guys!) and Vinyl from my gang. and then. Mile Me Deaf play some with his wild monkey and snowman. and after that we will having a party till the morning light comes up. DJing and stuff.

hope to see you tomorrow kids! XO, F R E S H A I R J E T K I NG F E T T K A K AO.