thanks to all of you who happened to be at the picknick last sunday. we had a great great launch party on a bright and warm spring day at the augarten in vienna. with a wonderfull laudatory by Martin Pieper while supermodel Flolita was walking around presenting the bag.

i sold all of them and took a lot of orders after the last one was gone. to inform you, who appear to be in the waiting line: i am working on the bags from next monday on. they will be custom made just for you.

and if you, dear reader, want to have one of those thingies then please drom me a mail >>andi at fettkakao dot com<< . i will make one for you immidatelly. it costs €15 (+ shipping if you happen to live far away or dont want to meet me).

here are some pictures the mighty Anna Kohlweis took of us kids while talking, drinking beer working out and smoking cigarettes. some of us fell asleep and woke up again.


thank you all. looking foreward to more parties like that with you. ❤