i have to admit that i am this record collector kind of guy. this (really bad) habit costs a lot of money and time but can help  with loneliness sometimes. one thing that makes a person like me happy is when you discover something new that has been floating around in this universe for so long without you – and now get the chance to (a) buy most of the backcatalouge available at once and (b) without having to spent a fortune.

i want to give back a little bit of that by offering you the current and past records released on fettkakao by the artist A Thousand Fuegos. the only ATF record sold out on fkk is the 7″ Three Gorges In A Cuckoos Egg (fett016). (you can still listen to the songs on bandcamp and buy the mp3s via, say iTunes).

i made a bundle of three records, availble from me for €30 + shipping.

here’s what the bundle consists of.

fett008 A THOUSAND FUEGOS – Like Big Black Clouds Through Burning Eyes, CD (2007)

fett010 A THOUSAND FUEGOS – A Thousand Fuegos, LP (2008)

fett026 A THOUSAND FUEGOS – The Treachery Of Things LP (2012)

plus: the A Thousand Fuegos Paper Doll  ° plus: the poster to the treachery of things.

and now a little impression on how the stuff could look like on your floor.


please write me an e-mail if you want a package like that shipped to yr place:

andi at fettkakao dot com

or click on the paypal button on the fettkakao dot com page that leads you to the paypal store. you can also just walk up to me with 30 euros waving in your hand refering to this blog entry. yup yup.