my lovely neighbor Valerie and me did a Paper Doll to the A Thousand Fuegos record The Treachery Of Things (fett026), that came out in april. Matthias Peyker, who happens to be ATF, has this blog thing going on where he’s is not him anymore but transforming into the people that become the Fuego.

aeh. so the little doll, which you can cut out, put faces, dresses, glasses and other accesoires on – turns into whatever you want it to be.

the Paper Doll set comes with every ATF – TTOT LP order placed at

Nick did a propaganda video (fkkp3), to get you a little impression on whats going on.


and here are again, some behind the scenes pictures. valerie checking with nick.

click. cut. schnipp.

the mess.

///////////////////////////////////// tada. and finally the gang. we love doing that.