hey. the video’s online! Wild At Heart is the first single to the new Mile Me Deaf album, titeled Eat Skull, that comes out June 1st on Fettkakao (vinyl, digi) and Siluh Records (CD).

the video was shot by Horst Bílek and Johannes Staudenbauer – who did the Sex Jams video to Panorama Ride in summer 2010 and the Killed By Nine Volt Batteries video to Worst Of total Anarchy last year.

Wild At Heart was filmed some weeks ago, with lots of bubbles floating around. lalala.

here are some photos Lisa Müller took on the set.

no shooting without preparing your face. make up rules.

light blue, dots, two smilies and bubbles all over.

OK. these guys directed and shot the video. here looking into the camera.

but the most important person: pinzko! turning this video into a bubble dream.

and yessss. Mile Me Deaf with his Maximum Miracle Center.

so now here’s the video to Wild At Heart. enjoy.