the new A Thousand Fuegos took its time. which is a wonderfull thing, almost a statement in times like these. if i remember it well it was summer 2010 when we first met to talk about the cooperation with seayou entertainment about the new ATF record. it was a stormy day; well a very hot day which turned into a stormy evening. we were driving to gasthaus schillinger, where we stuffed our bellies and signed papers.

(picture taken by veronika eberhart)

from then on matthias worked on the record. falling in love w/ constructivism. in all forms i believe, not sure though. something modern and controversial popped up in matthias head. the treachery of things is the records given name.

and it looks like that.

(cover made by matthias peyker)

it is somewhat brutal. and as i later found out a drawing of a brutalist building in vienna. the wotruba church. i had to go there. what a shame i havent been to that place before, as i love raw concrete, associated with (far out) socialist aesthetics (and this one being a church, not socialist at all).

we went there. as a team to make the very first propaganda video, a thing used for every release or move the fettkakao does from the year 2012 on. the FKKP’s are filmed by Nick and me, but mostly by Nick. this one was taken a few days after new years eve; it was a beautiful but cold day.

i had to take my little nikon with me for some black and white action.

(photos: andi dvořák)

seayou and fettkakao will present the record on april 17th at the rhiz in vienna. a place most of us love and are happy it is around. until the release show you can a) preorder a CD from seayou records,  b) stream the songs here on bandcamp  c) try to be a thousand fuegos and d) watch a video the fuego himself has created:

some say that one is a migraine with aura, other call it photoshop madness; i think its a sheer beauty. the poster to the record  is available to you if you order the CD via seayou or purchase the LP from fettkakao… or if you just rip it off the walls in yer city.