Kids! Daniel Johnston is coming to vienna on April 24th, 2012. this  is in 2 weeks almost. and that alone is big news, as me and most of my friends here at fettkakao have always been big Daniel Johnston fans. but i guess to you dear reader, this was pretty obvious.

i was asked by Philipp, promoter of the vienna show at the arena, to put  a team together. guess he knows i am good at that (at least). what an honour and then: also so fitting – because i already had the right people in mind for that.  Veronika (Plaided, Tirana, Ilsebill, Girslrockcamp), Rudi (Go Die Big City!, Hidden Cameras, Vortex Rex, ATF…), Wolfi (Mile Me Deaf, KB9VB, Sex Jams, Goldsoundz) and Bernhard (B.Fleischmann, hehe) will help out Daniel Johnston at the arena on april 24th, 2012.

today i have been to one of their rehearsals, which was … so nice that i had to take some pictures. hehe.

here are the people.





all together ❤ lalalalala.