you may have noticed that the Goldsoundz are releasing a 7″ on yours truly: fettkakao. the band arose out of Wilhelm Show Me the Major Label – their homebase in Graz, Austria. when marti asked me if i wanted to release a single two years ago, i wasnt quite sure. things needed to grow between us, like with any good relationship. a lot of good things have happened since then, and we all became friends.

the Goldsoundz are presenting their masterpiece, a three song seven inch today at the nachtasyl in vienna. on thursday, the day before the show, things came together: we received the 7″es from bieber and christian/ Flight 13 Duplication just in time (i am so happy and love them for the fact that they are never late, in fact : both do everything they can to make a release show happen with the actual record), matthias (A Thousand Fuegos) took time to enlighten the screen (i know how busy you are at the moment. thank you!) – so that the Goldsoundz and fettkakao party could do the rest: cut paper, screenprint colours onto paper, fold it and put the rocords together.

here’s how the finished print (artwork created by the great Werner Bauer)  looks like:

and since prining is fun – marti farti tried to ducument it w/ some pictures he took from our little party with beer, chocolate and acryl paint.  oh. for the release shows we printed some covers with mixed colours as well. very rare… äh. here are martis pictures anyway.

ah and yes, the shows:

°nachtasyl, vienna march 16th (friday)

°waakum, graz march 21st (wednesday)

bleep. and every little release has a propaganda video (fkkp2, made by nick prokesch + andi dvorak):


and a real video! made by the Goldsoundz and turbo of WSMTML fame!


lalalala… hope to see you here today (early show: starts at 8pm and ends at 10pm!)