i was invited over to SG!HQ the other evening. Artemis, Servas Gschaeft! CEO, introduced me to her wonderful world of soap making. the idea was to make a fettkakao letter set. letters! best thing ever. but it took time until we got the spelling right.

Servas Gschaeft! is a soap label, that offers all kinds of forms in different colors made out of soap. words cannot describe how cool they look or feel, so head over to SG’s homepage or facebook page to find the perfect set for you.

we managed to create some FKK sets that you can buy now via Servas Gschaeft!’s shop. the sets are very limited, by the way.

this is how one of the sets look like. but they all vary in their colour arrangements, none looks like the other.

after having learned how those things are made, and that you need to be a very patient person for the process of soap making, we did what has to be done to introduce more people to good things: a video.