hey 2012!

last year was kinda busy. at least around this time. i had 4 releases in the oven. but the situation was similar: after september 2010 (festkakao and two 7″es at the same time) i haven’t had a release until the beginning of 2011. even though we had plans for fall. last year it was stefanie sourials CD that came out more than 6 month later, this time it is the great fuegos album we have in the oven for so long already, and the armin lorenz 7″. both records will happen. and are more than worth their wait i can assure you.

but fettkakao wasn’t lazy. we had the FM4 soundpark studio 2 session, the youki, melanie friedls exhibition. every month another joyful moment, with so many nice people involved.

behind the scenes me, my friends and family were busier. and our ideas grew into reality. i started to take sewing lessons, learning to work with fabric with my father. and am at the beginning, still. nick and me came up w/ the idea to print textile, so that i can start learning to sew on those, which helps my father and me since we have defined projects that way. nick and me had the idea for a three colour print – cubes, that need to be put in a rather exact order – so that you -dear reader- can read the name of the little art platform in three colours… im glad i got help from agnes, who’s a very precise person and made us the perfect stencil for the screen. here’s an insight on how we work, put the pattern on the fabric. and. to be honest: i love the way it looks with the construction aspect of it.

this was the first attempt to make it right. the full disclosure will follow, also what we are using the fabric for.

fettkakao stoff = fettkakao fabric. and  is happening already. hello 2012. more soon.