fettkakao is now doing exhibitions. well. thats nothing new. the first one to happen was 2006 at the wattestäbchen, presenting the first 3 artistes who did cover artworks for this label. lisa max, matthias peyker and christian tanzer. to this day, 3 very important artists and of course, friends of mine. there are two great photos hanging in my kitchen of that event (when we performed with a thousand fuegos at the wattestäbchen, and christian tanzer  drawing one of his figures live to it on the wall behind us). the picture was taken by melanie friedl.

funny. when i think of her, its always like… she was there when i was trying to be cool at HC shows. she made fun of me. rightfully so, haha. but she always stayed fair. one thing i remember very well was – when i was 17 or so, i was hanging out at the TU club after skating, where that band sabeth was supposed to play. i did not have enough money for the entry. while i was sitting there, and preparing to leave, melanie (who was setting up the show) just asked me how much i had – and that i could stay and watch the band. i gave her what i had (which wasnt much) and stayed. i was thankfull – so that sabeth remained a band that i liked a lot the next couple of years.

melanie’s a friend who accompanies me in where and what im doing. understanding and laughing about it. but hey. she’s a person you can learn so much from (like i did in my teenage years, also by reading her great fanzines). she does great art as well, that (im afraid) not many know people know about yet. her focus on politics, people and arts is really inspiring. and melanies pictures capture her nice little world and point of views pretty well.

with the exhibition at the projekt love_ , melanie is focusing on friends she made. of course, as everything, these are little snipplets of a big universe she’s in. there will be double portraits – close ups of characters shot with her iPhone (w/ the hipstamatic app). the pictures will be printed and hung on the walls of the love gallery.

here are two pictures of melanie’s friend rosa. just to give you a little impression. 

of course the pictures will hang next to each other, and will look much better on white walls.

the exhibition takes place from december 10th to december 31st, 2011. we are planning something nice for the opening – and will let you know via facebook / twitter / google+ / talking / what it will be about. we will use the same channels to inform you about happenings within those 21 days at the love.

since the love gallery hasn’t recullar opening hours i would suggest to write me if you want to come by during the evenings, i will open up the place for you then.

andi || at || fettkakao || dot || com

PROJEKT LOVE || Altmüttergasse 5/3 || 1090 Wien

hope to see you next saturday at the opening. until then you can look up some pictures taken by melanie on flickr.

and here’s the poster to the exhibition i was drawing.