oh my. the youki’s over, and somethings missing.

i can only speak for me and my little team (and maybe one day soon’s christian) (who is part of the team anyways). but to us the youki was a great intermission of our everyday lives. there’s always a new perspective, something i seem to forget when staying in my little world for too long.

the workshop was, as said before, an open thing where a lot of people came by to make something out of the stuff laying around on the table. sometimes asking questions, but most of the time just doing. my favorite is this one – which i found – not knowing who has made it or when. created with selfmade stamps.

here’s a picture of our room and some guests. isnt it lovely? we even had parties in here – the best room ever!

but we where lucky enough to have more rooms to be in. the one above is where we were sitting, drawing, cutting, stamping, chatting – but we had one for doing screenprints as well. here’s a screen and under the screen is a piece of paper. matthias hands are squeezing colours onto that.

we used different colors, as you can see on that finished poster.

the youki ended with a gala thingie on saturday. there was a jury judging films that were shown during the youki. and the prices were made by christian pausch (one day soon.), which he was knitting while the festival took place. look!

and here’s pauschi with audience.

and here you can see two of my favorite youki team members, judith and lisi, with o-d-s prices on their heads.

piep piep. i am so exhausted, because there were parties happening every evening. and you know me: i cant stop dancing… plus: breakfast was pretty early too. gnnrr. for the last evening drehli robnik and sissiboy played their favorite tunes. with art on the wall by nick. he did that on the first evening when the two of us were disc jockeying – me dancing to music, nick putting tape on the wall.

this week was so nice – i have to say thank you to peter schernhuber for having invited us to the youki, to host a workshop on analog graphics (or more likeley handicraft work) – and sebastian and the rest of the crew for beeing so nice to us. too many names to drop (or even remeber). and thank you to my little team: nick and matthias. i dont like doing things alone. or to put it another way: whatever i do, it only makes sense with friends.

youki ❤