hey kids. the youki in wels is one of the best things that has happened to the kakao in a long time. nick, matthias and me are hanging out and hosting a graphic analogue workshop at the schlachthof, having people coming in and out, trying different things. it is a workshop based on handicraft work, with no rules other than to do what you want to, with a little help from us if needed.

now here’s some impressions on the youki days… we had since tuesday until now.

the day we arrived (well it was dark already, winter…eeeh) we checked in, hugged people we knew already and went for a little walk watching short films projected on walls around the city in wels. it was freezing outside, which lead us to take a shortcut to have some (vegan) food at the warm festival office. (nick w/ soup)

the warming up turned into a party, with our favorite host liser – but we had to leave pretty early, since we were exhausted and needed to be fit the very next day. oh did i mention that we gave christian pausch – artist in residence and one day soon. chef a ride to wels? to be seen in the picture right next to liser (check out matthias’ increddible long hands!).

the day our workshop began we got up early & pretty organized. and since everything’s in walking distance  we put our stuff on nick’s skateboard rolling to the schlachthof.

day first of the workshop was fun. we made a few friends. like judith who claims to be a party pooper, but the things she poops are better than any party can be. <3.

the party evening had a short intermission with a very good clara luzia show. its always nice to meet clara.

we were DJing after the show, and it was a lot of fun. i was not expecting it to be that cool, even though viktoria of vortex rex (who is hosting a work shop at the youki as well) told me that the parties here are the best. everyone was dancing while i tried to rotade like the moon does around itself, the earth and the sun. which made me wake up w/ a headache and a hurting knee today. hihi.

the thing we worked on the 2nd day was a fanzine about liser. everyone loves her; she takes care of all of us on this festival, has a loudmouth and a big heart (not only tatooed). (picture: nick with liser + the zine + poster).

the day was long, matthias satisfied, nick and me happy with the zines.