when peter asked me to host a workshop for the youki , it felt like somebody finally understood what i am trying to do with fettkakao. and it is not doing workshops (in the first place). it is the fact that this label may have started around sounds friends produce and try to make it last longer (via records) – but it was also pretty clear from the beginning that it is more than the music. it was the art first, i thought, that needs to be great as well. telling everyone that records are important, because there are big pictures on the 12″ vinyl sleeves.

but as time went by i came to understand more and more what this label can be. it is not the music. it is not the art. as stupid as it sounds: it’s the people. their big thoughts, their way of trying to understand/ express themselves. and for me it is learning. all the time. constantly.

for the youki thing i asked nick and matthias to do this with me,  as a team. the way FKK moves. the idea is doing it all analogue. without computers; with more handycraft stuff. not teaching but giving ideas maybe. we came to the conclusion to focus on an old media, s/t pre-blogs and that social media thing: fanzines and poster art (since this is a film festival – posters are important!). and funny cause it is some kinda zeitgeist, now that the web 2.0 thing goes down a bit, people cry out to get away from their computers and the internet.

we will have differend ways of getting colours, words and pictures onto paper. whether with stencils or screenprints, a xerox machine or stamps, whatever it takes we will do it, hehe.

the workshop is happening from november 23rd to november 25th and you can subscribe and read more here (in german). we would love to work with you.

nick and me did a video for that reason. fanzine meets blog or something.