it seems i never tell enough stories of our little trips. at least i dont write about them. last time we were trippin to the poolbar with mile me deaf… which became a hilarious party… i didnt take many pictures, except for this one on our way to the other end of austria, somewhere in between in tyrol at a gasstation.

then someone from the poolbar took this one (yeah thats me in the back, hihi):

and at the very end, 7 in the morning, i tried to document the trip to our hostel.

not to be seen on this picture is our friend matthias, a thousand fuegos headhoncho. he came by train to hang out and party with us – matthias even played a song with mile me deaf that evening. the poolbar is the best place for a party like we had (…) thank you philipp for having made this possible.

___ ___ _____ ____ _____ ___ __ _____ __ _______    ______________ _ __ _______

we really missed matthias last weekend at the pmk in innsbruck – when sex jams played a show with plaided – all under the moniker of a fettkakao label night. it was matthias’ birthday, so we took some gang pictures as a present. this is one of the nicer ones. and a good start for a nice evening.

i did not take pictures (again) of the great sets both bands did – nor do i have some from the party that happen later on.

after a little sleep depriviation (i get used to share sleeping places w/ the jamz) we had a great breakfast with our friend beate who did the show at the pmk. thank you beate!

then we had to split. sex jams went to esslingen to play the komma fest, and i drove with plaided to the fluff fest, to meet our czech friends from the am180 collective. hello tomas (and me again with bad looking hair…)

hanging out in the rokycany airfield. julja took this one. hello (other) tomas. hehe.

plaided shared the tent set with the great tempelhof and jef barbara (picture).

the next ones a good one (the other) tomas took. it captures the feeling i had during their set. plaided fit so well to the fluff fest…and even though their snare broke during the set it was one of the most energetic shows i have seen so far.

thanks to jakub and stepan for the invitation!

with only a little sleep, lots of kilometers, and a stressy moment  (i drove into the mudd with my VW polo – and couldnt move the car until we asked a nice family to help us to pull out the car) – this was a very exciting and spurring experience. thanks to everyone involved.. and. it felt good to meet so many old and new friends… piep.