this took place almost a year ago. i think it was at the end of august. i just came back from visiting my family at the balaton, in hungary – going straight to the art supply store in vienna to get the right colors for the backround with veronika. i had no idea which color we are looking for. it all came out of veronika’s head during a dream. (..transfered into mine to draw the skate shoe).

the original drawing of the ice skate. letter stamped (i got the stamps from my friend iris. she got me those during her creative art months in italy).

i dont remember well, but i think we started printing the next day. this is always the best part of getting the covers together.

veronika and julja with the screen. which was – as always – enlightened by matthias (a thousand fuegos).

lots of prints waiting to dry. that is why we do that in summer. 

and while laying there on the ground, drying – my favorite neighbor – sissiboy himself came over for coffee and message-checking on his phone.


aha. even shirts were printed with that screen… tss tss.

cant wait for printing session part II. because we gave up way too early on that hot august summer day to go swimming in the danube…

listen to it is over toni from that very record.

(Plaided – People Lying Around In Dirt Everyday 7″, fett019)