here you go!

we’ve been waiting a long time to present you this video. plaided’s oh my dog!, from their 7″ e.p. released last year (Plaided – People Lying Around in Dirt Every Day 7″, fett019, 2010).

nick and liesa had the initial idea to make a video for the song about a certain dog – with dogs driving a car (looking like nic art) made out of cartonage. .. the dogs become plaided playing a show in the end. very narative. it seems i am the story teller who the dogs are cheating on with melanie the dog walker. one interpretation.

the video was filmed in three days, on three sets – and with no cut, at least none in the end, for the final shot. as you can see this involves a lot of organized helping hands.

here are two making of’s of the video:

*** *** **** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** +*** *** *** +** ++*


melanie friedl took some photos during the sets with her iPhone!

good bye little car. i wonder if it still excists. please check out nicks and liesas tumblr blog – you will find even more material on the shooting and – in the near future some more cool videos i guess.