this is my friend wolfgang. he does this thing called Mile Me Deaf. i know wolfgang for quite a while already. if you are an indie / punk kid like me – there’s no way not to know him. äh. but we never really spoke much, until he joned the Sex Jams band – first only to record for – then with them  – and then to be part of the wonderfull video for panorama ride.

it was pretty clear that he joins Sex Jams after that, but not too soon. because he has that other act going on for years as well: Killed By Nine Volt Batteries – that my friends at Siluh are releasing from the beginning.

Mile Me Deaf is of course a very different story. i saw them play pretty early, 2005 i think. propably at the old Siluh club at the flex cafe. i took notice, also because i am an Unwound fan – and the song MMD are named after is great.  i always thought they were cool. in 2010 i booked MMD to  support Antitainment at the arena. this was better than i remembered. could be that i opened up a little in the last few years. the show was him and then drummer flo – who quit because he became father. wolfgang continued the project the same way he started it: solo. the next thing i saw was a video that manager turbopete (aka flol) postet on his facebook wall. we had a little chit chat two days later and decided to do a 7″. easy as that.

the songs were recorded at wolfgangs place – where a lot of bands are recording. i guess most of his labels bands record there too (the label is called Numavi and is very sympathetic). the artwork was done by flol and wolfgang and was printed with berni’s (kelly fux) special printer machine.

the 7″ holds the catalogue number fett023.

heres what the cover looks like uncut, unfolded:

and heres wolfgang showing you what it looks like on the inside…

piep piep.

the record release show takes place at the fluc in vienna on april 14th, were Mile Me Deaf is playing with Trip Fontaine, who are currently touring with Sex Jams.

the flyer!