2011 brings new acts. like the three Gurlfriends. they are my little homevisiting act. coming over for dinner to talk about future plans, current politics and indie/punk/metal history. this saturday two out of three came over to do the screenprinting for the 7″es together. for the first time we had brunch instead of dinner; w/ finger food – and singer thisi even drank coffee – which he never did at my place before 🙂

it was a beautful saturday with the sun shining into my little flat. the printing was fulfilling even though the colours came out differently than intended. thats what keeps a process like that exciting.

i am happy to have the Gurlfriends on board. thank you thisi, sándor and klaus!

matthias thisi müller with his art on the screen.

sándor fülöp holding 2 prints up to get you an insight on the process.

this is what it looked like at the end of the day.

and i hope you like it as much is i do. the Gurlfriends will present the 7″ with that cover at the cheep! cheep! club at the shelter in vienna, april 12th, 2011. band on stage: 21.00. juhu!