stefanie is an actress, a performer and a friend who writes her own music. i have been telling this before: if she’s performing, having an act or simply playing the ukulele in front of a crowd – it will melt into one thing and become pretty entertaining.

i dont remember where i have met stefanie for the first time. probably at the theobald flat – the breeding place for (queer) feminist artists and intellectuals. and it must have been her show with beidl (her band at that time) where i have seen stefanie perform for the very first time. they opened up a show for ilsebill who had just released their 7″ on fettkakao. i was impressed. what an act! and her friends on stage had these big penises made out of… what was that?pap maché? dont know.

i think it took a year until i’ve seen stefanie doing the ukulele thing. it was a birhday party at elektro gönner. plaided did a short set, we did a few songs with the BHCB and stefanie was playing some  songs with veronika and julia from plaided. it was so good. especially iko iko they did together.

i cant even remember when i asked stefanie to do s/t on fkk. must have been in between our trips to various places. i saw her play weddings and parent’s birthday parties. saw her perform at the academy and on a burlesque show… and missed her very important play at the kosmos theater this winter. the one the CD is .. well embedded in. difficulties you might get being an artist.

thanks for taking a walk with the kakao stefanie!

here are some links. and pictures. and videos.

sourialistic links: youtube, soundcloud, description on festkakao blog. find upcoming events with her here.

stefanie at the love_gallery // festkakao 2010.

with half of nic’s art in her face.

stefanies and nick’s feet. oh. and confetti.


the video for difficulties.

looks familiar?

her CD on fettkakao (amsterdam, fett021)!