tomorrow night another club d’hommage is happening. with a pop quiz again! last year we were 3rd, with only 3 points away from winning (no one had them all due to a – in my oppinon – wrongly asked question about slash and guns n’ roses). the winning team was seayou, of course, since they bought all the professionals for that event. second were sacrifice the liver. and then us.

my team was cool. with pop culture chef head martin pieper (brooke’s bedroom) and partick (crazy bitch in a cave), holger (sissyboy) and veronika (plaided) in the nerd league; matthias (a thousand fuegos) iris (vice, haha!) and me for the very special questions.

this years team is simmilar, some got shopped away to other teams or countries in the meantime – but fettkakao is solid, plus: we did some shopping too!

be prepared!

heres the viceblog entry in german about last years pop quiz. see you tomorrow

club d’hommage #14 /// Ist das noch populär // march  2nd 2011 // fluc, wien